A letter from Kaitlin Ahern, Editorial Director of Health

We might like to give social media all the credit for the buzz around gut health, but the truth is, people have been interested in their innards for, well, centuries. Case in point: “All disease begins in the gut” might sound like a soundbite straight off TikTok, but it's actually a quote by Hippocrates, an Ancient Greek physician who lived way back in the BCs.

Thanks to modern-day medicine, we know a whole lot more than Hippocrates ever did about how the gut actually works, but his quote still holds water: Our digestive health is indeed connected to just about everything else, from our immunity to our sleep to our mood. And if the endless #guthealth reels are any indication, we're all pretty keen on keeping the tiny universe of bugs in our bowels as healthy as possible.

The good news? The path to good gut health may look a little different for everyone, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here's your gut check—aka, what you actually need to know about balancing your microbiome, managing digestive conditions, and keeping your gut on the up and up. So grab a glass of kombucha, prop up your feet on that Squatty Potty, and dig in.

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