The 2023 Well+Good SPF Awards

The “best” sunscreen is the one you’ll wear every day, and we’ve got 70 editor-tested, dermatologist-approved options to choose from.

A letter from Zoë Weiner, Senior Beauty Editor

Whenever I ask a dermatologist to name the one beauty product they can’t live without, they answer “sunscreen” without missing a beat (and, to be clear, I’ve asked a lot of dermatologists this question). Not only is SPF the first line of protection against skin cancer, but it’s also the easiest way to fend off visible signs of skin aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration (all of which, by the way, show up as a result of sun damage). It’s an easy, everyday preventative measure that you’ll be reaping the benefits of for years to come. And yet, a whopping 34 percent of people cop to “rarely or never” wearing the stuff at all.

Now feels like the appropriate time for me to make a bad beauty editor confession: Until three years ago, I was one of those 34 percenters. I even had a monthly membership to a tanning salon throughout high school and college. Back then, I didn’t know any better—I certainly didn’t know I could achieve the sunkissed look I sought in a tanning bed from a tube of tinted SPF, nor did I realize the effects that my sun-worshipping was having on my skin. But with melanoma rates on the rise (The American Cancer Society estimates that the number of diagnoses in the U.S. ticks up 1 percent each year) and many wisening up to the fact that sunscreen may save us boatloads on anti-aging skin care in the future, folks (myself included) are now realizing the importance of incorporating SPF into their daily routines. And that’s a damn good thing.

Now that there are so many products available for every desired sun-care need (and want), there’s really no longer any excuse for not protecting your skin and yourself. Any dermatologist will tell you that the “best” sunscreen is the one you’ll wear every day, and with the first-ever Well+Good SPF awards, we’re here to help you find your sunscreen soulmate. Over the last six months, a group of 30 Well+Good staffers with varying skin tones, complexion concerns, and formulation preferences has tested hundreds of products—including face and body sunscreens, SPF-infused skin care, and sun-protective makeup—to serve up 70 winners, at least one of which is bound to be the “best” for you (though we won’t blame you for adding multiple to your cart).

There’s never been a better time to embrace sun safety, and our skin—and health—is all the better for it.

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