The 2024 Well+Good SPF Awards



Fact: One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. It’s a shocking statistic considering it’s 2024, the skincare market is saturated with easy-to-access sun protection, and the dangers of sun damage are well known. And yet, many of us still view sunscreen as optional—something reserved for beach days and sunny hikes—rather than as a necessary part of our daily routines. Of course, our collective aversion is hardly surprising when so many of today’s sunscreens are stuck in the past with heavy formulas that leave us feeling sticky, greasy, or chalky.

That's why the Well+Good team spent months testing the most popular sunscreens for wearability, versatility, and inclusivity across various skin tones and types to craft this year’s list of 33 final winners. Our 2024 SPF Awards are taking the guesswork out of wearing sunscreen by presenting you with the best-in-class formulas you'll actually want to reach for every morning, whether you’re looking for a water-resistant body sunscreen or an acne-friendly facial sunscreen. It’s sun protection made easy—just like it should be. Get ready to dive in and meet this year’s winners.

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