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Frank Lipman Tabatha Coffey wellness video
Tabatha Coffey and Frank Lipman, MD, on the set of “Be Well Week; Be Well Weekend”


Today Dr. Frank Lipman, New York City’s wellness evangelist and founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, launched a celeb-studded video series. The functional medicine doctor has teamed up with many of his famous patients for “Be Well Week; Be Well Weekend.” And we have a first look here!

In each episode, Dr. Lipman’s red-carpet guests, like Tabatha Coffey, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jake Gyllenhaal, double as wellness missionaries—and healthy chefs. They cook up healthy dishes using their own recipes, provide first-hand testimonies, and add some solid entertainment value to the serious topic of sustainable wellness.

Advanced TMI warning regarding Tabatha Coffey’s digestive tract’s response to gluten—the topic of the debut episode—which includes a few expletives, if you’re watching this at work!

By joining Dr. Lipman in his video crusade, the healthy celebs help dispense “achievable advice” that makes healthy living easy. Each six-or-seven minute show will tackle a trend or myth that warrants further explanation or discussion, or that plain old pisses him off. (We can’t wait for the “vegan diet is the right diet for absolutely everyone” episode, which is a myth, says Dr. Lipman, that virtually gives him high blood pressure.) “We’ll cover sleep, sun, sex, supplements, cosmetics, yoga, toxicity—anything I feel is relevant and can make a difference in people’s lives,” he says.

Dr. Lipman adds that many of his patients have been eager to be more involved in the wellness movement. And he was smart enough to realize that taking them up on it was going to make for more compelling video—and a bigger impact overall. It turns out, the wellness revolution will in fact be televised. —Melisse Gelula

“Be Well Week: Be Well Weekend” with Dr. Frank Lipman premieres Thursday, July 19 on (Twitter: @bewellweek and