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yoga mat sweat
Does your rental mat look like this...before you practice?


Gyms, boutique fitness hotspots, and yoga studios are generally breeding grounds for great muscle tone—and gross-outs: So much sweat, so much shared equipment!

But lately we’ve noticed some fitness-hygiene faux pas go way beyond not cleaning off the treadmills. These five are just a few icky encounters we’ve had in the past few weeks. Tell us yours, below!

1. Mushy Mats. Lots of yoga studios have questionable mat-cleaning practices but Kula’s confounds us. You pay $2 to rent an already soggy hanging mat and then hang it up for the next renter after using it. Who is washing them, and when?

2. Squishy Seats. The gel seats at SoulCycle: Umm…why are they soggy? Enough said.

3. Slimy shoes. When we slip our feet into Flywheel spin shoes and they’re wet, we like to pretend that they’ve just been sprayed with sanitizer. But are we fooling ourselves?

4. Slippery bands. When you slip the resistance bands at Barry’s Bootcamp around your ankle, your skin gets wet. It’s kind of like putting on someone else’s used sweaty sock. Eew.

5. Soaked cushions. We took a seat on a bench at Pure Yoga after a Figure 4 class let out, and inadvertently sat in a spongy puddle of moisture. A glance to the right revealed a whole row of half-moon sweat indentations. Can someone jet back to the the ’70s and order a plastic cover for this couch?

Has this ever happened to you? Tell us your recent gym gross-outs! Who has the sketchiest showers and the sweatiest equipment?