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Keep your eyes peeled for black market BluePrint juice

We’re not sure the BluePrint truck would be the best vehicle for a high-speed chase.

If your corner deli is suddenly (suspiciously) selling BluePrint’s Kale University and Ginger Aid this week, don’t buy it. Just like that Fendi bag you got in Chinatown, the juices may be hot.

It turns out cold-pressed juices have joined the ranks of diamonds and furs, as the latest goods to be stolen in bulk. According to the New York Post, a thief made off with 13 pallets of BluePrint juice, equal to 15, 303 bottles, or $153,000.

And the juice caper was much less complicated than a scene from Ocean’s Eleven. The man showed up at the BluePrint warehouse in Long Island City impersonating a delivery driver, loaded a truck with a forklift, and drove away. The company didn’t realize the theft had happened until the real driver showed up hours later.

But it seems unlikely the thief will be able to turn the juices before they turn—he nabbed them before they had been treated with High Pressure Processing, which means they’ve got a shelf life of five days. —Lisa Elaine Held

Update: BluePrint posted on Facebook at 11:15 a.m.: Good news! The juice has been found and destroyed. Case closed!