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Laughing Lotus Dance Hall
Dana Flynn and Laughing Lotus yogis in front of the new Dance Hall's Graffiti Wall


Last night, devotees of Dana Flynn’s Lotus Flow pressed sparkling bindis onto their foreheads, coated their limbs with glitter, and danced the night away at the opening celebration of Laughing Lotus’ Dance Hall.

We predicted that yoga studios are the new nightclub, but this level of yoga studio–dance club convergence takes it up a notch.

The Dance Hall, which is also a practice space and is larger than both of Lotus’ original good-size studios combined, features a massive graffiti wall (inspired by Flynn’s mom) tagged with Namaste, Om Shanti, and names from the Lotus community.

The back wall features a mural of a skateboarding Ganesh (sporting some serious bling), and a Glitter Bar offers sparkles in every color for yogis to seriously shimmer on the dance floor (and all the way to the laundromat).

Laughing Lotus
Ganesh gets an NYC makeover.

For the celebration, Laughing Lotus had a DJ and local brews on tap—from Kombucha Brooklyn, not Budweiser, of course.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that I, for one, don’t really go to clubs anymore,” joked Flynn at the start of the free class that kicked off the night. But the studio founder wanted to create the kind of space where her community could dance and celebrate “the love and joy of yoga” together.

That they did. During Flynn’s class, chair poses melded with booty shaking as the space filled with songs like Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop.”

In the future, the new space will host dance-inspired classes like Anya Porter’s Breakti and Masala Bhangra. Are you going to stop by to add a little rhythm to your Chaturanga? —Lisa Elaine Held