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Lululemon warehouse sale
(Photo: Lululemon)

Take a deep ujjayi breath: Lululemon is actually having a normal online sale.

We say normal because the yoga pant giant is known for its disdain for discounting. And when it does have a sale, it typically makes it into a serious occasion—a la the football-themed YogaBowl at Nassau Coliseum in 2013 and the massive sale at the Minneapolis Convention Center this past March, both of which included insanely long lines to get in the door.

But today, the company quietly sent out an email announcing an “American Online Warehouse Sale “ (with some weird old-school digital graphics that include an eagle?), and the discounts are pretty deep. There’s a decent selection of tops, bottoms, and bras, and almost everything is around 50 percent off.

Everything is final sale, with a maximum order of 25 items, and the sale is set to end tomorrow, October 10 “or sooner, if things get really wild!” according to the site.

If the number of people who drove from other states to Minnesota—to wait in the freezing cold—is any indication, “sooner” will probably come quickly. —Lisa Elaine Held

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