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Miami-nightclub-inspired 305 Fitness is opening a Manhattan studio

305 Fitness
This fall, 305 Fitness will have a permanent home in New York City. (Photo: 305 Fitness/Facebook)

305 Fitness, the dance cardio party workout created by Miami-born instructor Sadie Kurzban, will have a permanent home in Manhattan this fall. And it’ll look a lot like a Miami nightclub. (Minus the bartenders.)

The popular workout has been operating out of Flatiron District loft spaces and gyms like Complete Body since it took New York City by storm last year—and even started offering classes in Washington, D.C., a few weeks ago. But its first flagship will open in Greenwich Village this fall. Given that Kurzban’s whole workout was born out of Miami club scene—she’s going for nightclub vibe.

“We’re installing an awesome sound system and really cool party lights that mimic the effect of a club, so clients feel they are actually out at an epic night with their friends, and not at a gym,” says Kurzban, who originally made the workout popular while she was still an undergrad at Brown University.

The two-story space will include a locker room with showers, a lounge-like lobby, and two studios, one of which will be used for a brand new, heart-pumping class that’s “something other than dance,” she says coyly.

Diehard 305 fans can also have a say in the design and feel of the space. 305 is launching a Kickstarter campaign today to raise money for the new studio and get feedback from clients, with rewards for chipping in, of course. (We’d love soft towels and wifi in the lounge, pretty please.)

“I am really excited to finally give clients a home that they deserve,” Kurzban says. Including a few disco balls. —Molly Gallagher

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