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Art Basel yoga mats

Art Basel Miami Beach is an annual art week filled with a flurry of exclusive parties attended by art, music, and fashion leaders and their hangers-on.

But this year, yoga culture is infiltrating the champagne-and-cigarette haze with design group Grey Area’s debut of seven eco-friendly yoga mats, each created by a different hot contemporary artist.

Not your run-of-the-mill sticky mats, these are cute (a cat in cobra pose), satirical (Mr. Clean in the style of an Indian tapestry), and cultural (cocaine on a blown-up $100 bill—the other less healthy object that’s often rolled?).

In partnership with the Morgans Hotel Group and Lululemon, Grey Area is also hosting morning yoga at the Delano and the Shore Club hotels, and a sunset class on the Mondrian Hotel’s balcony overlooking the water. At these classes, yogis can purchase and immediately put their new work-of-art mats to use. So, yes, touching and sweating all over the artist’s work is encouraged. —Jamie McKillop

To buy a mat ($90) or learn more about the artists behind them, visit