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lululemon beer

Going for drinks with friends after yoga? This new post-workout brewski totally matches your Lululemon Wunder Unders.

The Vancouver-based fitness fashion giant teamed up with the Stanley Park brewery in its home city to announce its “Curiosity Lager” last Friday, created in honor of the company’s annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon, according to Huffington Post British Columbia. (Any guesses about what the name means would be appreciated.)

The limited-edition brew features chinook and lemon drop hops, making it a great citrusy lager perfect for post-workout sipping, the company says.

The yoga-inspired brew is also expected to hit shelves in mid-July and will be available until fall.

But, don’t get too excited American Lulu-lovers—you’ll only find the beer in stores across Canada. (Okay, where is that passport??) —Emily Karr

If you score a can apres-SeaWheeze, our friends up north, tag us on Instagram at #wellandgoodnyc!

(Photo: Instagram)