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The 5 best (game-changing) toast ideas on Instagram this week


toast recipes 2Step aside avocado toast. It’s time to meet your new BFFs. (Or competition.)

This week on Instagram it was all about taking toast to the next level.

Here are five easy—and healthy—ways to give toast a major upgrade. —Molly Gallagher

(Photo: Instagram/@wrightkitchen)


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toast recipesStuff On Toast, @stuffontoast

This version is topped with (heaven-sent) vegenaise, homemade sauerkraut, and cucumbers—yum!

(Photo: Instagram/@stuffontoast)


toast recipes 2Brittany Wright, @wrightkitchen

A rainbow of colorful toasts—from a tried-and-true banana and peanut butter to butternut squash or radishes. We will be working our way through them all.

(Photo: Instagram/@wrightkitchen)


toast recipes 3Leannee Brown, @leanneebrown

This looks like a one-minute meal of delish proportions: topping your toast with soy sauce-marinated tofu and smashed peas or peanut sauce.

(For the full recipes, visit leannebrown.comPhoto: Instagram/@leanneebrown)


toast recipes 5Better on Toast, @theculinistas

A red lentil spread on Dave’s Killer Bread. We won’t miss hummus one bit.

(Photo: Instagram/@theculinistas)


toast recipes 4Phoebe Lapine, @phoebelapine

Possibly the most tricked out avocado toast, it calls for roasted spring vegetables and tahini sauce on a gluten-free chia loaf.

For the full recipe, visit

(Photo: Instagram/@leanneebrown)


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