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3 must-dos for first-time Miraval guests


Miraval SpaSponsored

Miraval is a gorgeous spa that goes deep.

Beyond the stunning casitas and award-winning spa cuisine, are transformational experiences that make guests fall in love with this Arizona desert destination.

Trust us, you’ll come back home with more than memories and with way less personal baggage than you arrived with. Check out the three must-do experiences here…


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Miraval Spa1. What Working with Horses Can Tell You About Yourself

Acclaimed equine facilitator Wyatt Webb is the founder of the famed Miraval Equine Experience, where horses help you release blocks in your life. But instead of riding a horse on this inner-life journey, you’ll be grooming it.

Through this experience, the horse, by its compliance or its resistance, becomes an energetic mirror that helps identify patterns of behavior that detract from your happiness. The safe and supportive experience allows you to clear fear and self-doubt. It’s a journey toward self-awareness and a way of being in the world that you’ve longed for.


Miraval Spa2. Quantum Leap II

Stretch your comfort zone during Quantum Leap II (and Miraval’s other challenge course activities). On this exhilarating outdoor course you’ll practice overcoming fears and obstacles in your life by climbing a free-standing pole (with a rock-climbing harness), as you swing down from a height of 35 feet. And that the experience also matters in a deeper way as a concrete moment to practice letting go of the past and moving forward into new healthier ways of living.



Miraval Spa3. Book a Spirit Flight

Voted best spa treatment by the readers of year after year, this transformational treatment is life-changing for many guests.

Developed by Dr. Tim Frank, a naturopathic physician and massage therapist, this is a full-body therapeutic massage combined with the healing practices of spiritual Shamanism and drumming, while also using acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, and spinal alignment to balance your body and renew your energy. It’s a very special 110-minute experience with true healing power, and a profound mind and spirit connection.

Readers of Well+Good can take advantage of Miraval’s special offer Stay 4 Nights and get your 5th Night Free! Get the details here.