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New York City taxis stream guided meditations this week

New York taxi and traffic photoOf all the places to chill out, careening through Midtown traffic in the back of a taxicab is not typically one of them.

Although this week, hundreds of New York City yellow cabs are streaming short, guided meditations from yogi extraordinaire, Elena Brower, on Taxi TV, which should help turn your commute into a few moments of calm.

While the taxi spots are partly an opportunity to peace-out (yes, you can fit a few minutes of meditation into your day!), they’re also an innovative promotion for a film project, called On Meditation, a PBS-style series which features meditators from Congressman Tim Ryan to author Peter Matthiessen, speaking about the practice and its benefits. (Well+Good readers who attended our meditation event had a sneak peek.)

“The guided meditations are a fun innovative way to support the project’s kickstarter campaign and they offer passengers a moment to connect with themselves,” executive producer Rebecca Dreyfus explains.

Brower, who’s also an executive producer of the project, says the On Meditation films “highlight and amplify the accessibility, beauty, and simplicity of meditation.” And she’s proving it so: After all, if you can meditate in a taxi, you can really do it anywhere. —Melisse Gelula

The guided meditation taxi spots run through the end of the week. For more information, visit