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Kristi Yamaguchi
Kristi Yamaguchi modeling Tsu.Ya's Tulip Jacket from her collection debuting this fall.


All of the little girls and young women who watched Kristi Yamaguchi skate her way to an Olympic gold medal in 1992 can now sport some of the figure skater’s cute fashion looks while they workout—only with fewer sequins.

Yamaguchi is rolling out a line of fitness apparel called Tsu.ya, which is her middle name. It will debut exclusively at Lord & Taylor in September and will feature 18 pieces, including yoga pants, tanks, and jackets.

She says her inspiration for the line came from working on the Olympic fashion committee for many years, and, more recently, from living the life of a busy, fit mom.

“I designed the line so that as a busy woman, you can get your workout in but also go run errands, go to the grocery store, and have lunch with friends—but still look good and feel good,” she told Well+Good.

With exception of the Tulip Jacket (which is Yamaguchi’s favorite item), the designer is not sharing shots of the collection just yet. But we couldn’t resist asking how figure-skating–inspired it will be. “There’s one particular line called Bling, that has the most skating influence in it, because it’s a little more dressy,” she explains. “It has net ruching with black rhinestone accents.”

That said, the aspect of the line Yamaguchi seems most proud of doesn’t involve design details at all—a portion of the sales will go to her Always Dream Foundation, which works on improving early childhood literacy. “It’s not just a great product, it’s also about giving back.” —Lisa Elaine Held