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The Sunday Tee and Dharma Pant. (Photo: Yogasmoga)
The Sunday Tee and Dharma Pant. (Photo: Yogasmoga)

Sure, Lululemon makes men’s apparel, but most newer, indie yoga and fitness apparel brands just cater to women who work out and leave dudes to fend for far more sportier options that have been around since elementary school gym class.

Not Yogasmoga. The year-old brand just debuted its first men’s collection, and founder Rishi Bali says the launch came in response to lots of demand from customers. “The men’s customer relayed to us that they were looking for performance apparel which was durable in a workout situation and luxurious and stylish enough to be worn all day in casual situations,” he says. Turns out men want studio to street, too.

Yogasmoga says they spent over a year in research and development before launching with four pieces ($64–$140)—a pant, short, jacket, and two tees, in colors mostly pulled from a blue-gray palette. The collection also uses new proprietary sweat-wicking, anti-stink Koura technology made from biodegradable cellulose fibers, and lightweight Aurum 1064 and 24. (That’s geeky fabrication lingo.)

We enlisted a dude to wear the Sunday Tee (made with Koura) on a evening run, and he reported comfort and excellent sweat-wicking, although it is a slightly heavier fabric. (So maybe don’t buy it for your boy who loves Bikram.)

Bali says the response to the line has been tremendous so far and that he’ll continue to introduce new men’s collections alongside women’s. “Men’s is not an afterthought for us. We understand the needs of men and are very focused on developing products for men that reflect the same design and fabric commitment that we have shown on the women’s side,” Bali says. Having a male founder probably helps, a little. —Lisa Elaine Held

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