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Photo: Instagram/@taylor.brenner

It doesn’t matter what your excuse is for skipping a workout—a stressful day, a can’t-miss-it happy hour, the new season of House of Cards—we’ve heard (er, used) them all.

But, something magical happens when you take your gym bag to the office: That almost guarantees an after-work sweat sesh.

So shouldn’t your gym bag (AKA motivation tool), which doubles as a laptop case and farmer’s market carry-all, be super cute? Implied answer: yes.

We’ve found some seriously clever gym bags that reference some of the motivational challenges one might face getting to the gym, no matter much you love to work out. Check out their cheeky messages now.

Get Started

Photo: Heartman

Cardio is Hardio gym bag, $30

Bonus: 10 percent of the profits of the bag support the American Heart Association. It’s a win-win.


Photo: NastyGal

Important Sh*t Duffel Bag, $50

I mean, they’re not wrong.


Photo: Not on the High Street

Gym and Tonic tote bag, $22.60

Gotta love a classic pun, especially when your post-work life looks pretty similar to this.


Photo: Work it Out gym bag, $28

Said to your bestie during the third set of burpees.


Photo: Stay Home Club

Emotional Baggage sleepover bag, $45

When a tote bag just isn’t enough for all your baggage, enter this big ol’ duffel.


Photo: Etsy

Running Late Is My Cardio, $13.80

For the days you try to slip into the back of spin class after its already started—in that case, you may want get a t-shirt as well.


Photo: Society 6

Pug Yoga tote bag, $22

Seriously, how cute is this? There’s an English bulldog version, too—just throwing that out there.

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