You’ll Start Sweating Just Minutes Into This 1-Hour HIIT Workout Playlist

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Photo: Stocksy/Viktor Solomin
Anytime you want to get sweaty, go for some high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Because your heart rate is so elevated the entire time—and the rest breaks are short—it only takes a few minutes to start feeling the burn. While even a quickie 15- to 30-minute workout at this intensity level is enough to bring on the benefits, some days you just want to do a little extra. And that's where this hour-long session comes in.

Experts In This Article

In this 1-Hour HIIT Workout Playlist, you'll get to sweat with three different trainers, and there are four different sections. First up, Charlee Atkins leads you through 25 minutes of bodyweight exercises that fire up your core. Next comes Ash Wilking's five low-impact moves you'll go through three times each in a 15-minute circuit. Then you'll finish things off with 10 minutes of core- and leg-blasting exercises from Atkins followed by 10 minutes of upper body moves from Meg Takacs.

That sounds like a lot, but the nice thing about having a line-up of four different mini workouts in this 1-hour HIIT workout opposed to one super-long workout is that you keep things interesting and get a nice break between them. That ensures you're able to give that hour your all without getting totally wiped out. On top of that, there's absolutely no equipment needed for the entire workout. Instead, you're using your bodyweight to strengthen your muscles from head to toe.

When you're ready to work, grab your mat and a water bottle, then press play on the 1-hour HIIT workout playlist below.

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