You’ll Break a Sweat Fast With This 1-Hour Resistance Band Workout Playlist

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Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma
Resistance bands have a way of making you feel like your workout is going to a breeze... until five minutes later when your entire body is shaking. You wouldn't think such a small, simple, and affordable piece of equipment would give you such a challenging full-body workout, but it's one of the best tools for getting a great sweat in from anywhere. Especially when you have this 1-hour resistance band workout playlist on hand.

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When you have time for more than a quickie sweat sesh, this 1-hour resistance band workout playlist is worth pulsing it out to from start to finish. There are four mini workouts in the playlist, all led by three of your favorite trainers. First, you'll spend 25 minutes firing up your arms and abs with Charlee Atkins. Then comes 13 minutes of glute work with Bec Donlan, followed by 12 minutes of legs with Simone De La Rue. You'll finish things off by doing a 10-minute session with Dolan that targets your back.

There really isn't any part of this playlist that isn't a challenge. Throughout your workout, you'll be doing a mix of both small and slow resistance band exercises that bring on a serious muscle burn, as well as high-energy exercises like pop squats that will leave you breathless. Somewhere in there—I'm not going to tell you where!—there's even an especially fun surprise to look forward to: a Legally Blonde-inspired "bend and snap" exercise that helps better your posture and core strength.

So don't wait another second. Grab your trusty resistance band, channel your inner Elle Woods, and press play on the video below. You'll most definitely have a love-hate relationship with that band by the time the hour is up, but every drop of sweat will be worth it when you see your muscles popping.

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