“1-Minute Beauty” Is Now a Thing, Because Who Has Free Time?

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There simply aren't enough hours in the day, according to my favorite wellness pro Captain Obvious. Between responding to emails, going to yoga, meal prepping, catching up on all the Fyre Fest documentaries out there, and general adulting (OMG I'm exhausted just from typing that), making time to take care of yourself can often feel damn-near impossible.

Except, it isn't. These days, treating yourself to some good old-fashioned self-care doesn't have to require a 20-minute, 10-step routine, or spending major hours (and dollars) at the hands of an esthetician or hairstylist. In fact, thanks to new innovations in hair and skin care, you can craft a feel-good beauty sesh in one minute flat (which is less time than it takes to listen to Ariana Grande's new song or microwave a bag of Trader Joe's frozen brown rice).

No matter how busy you are, everyone has one minute to spare for the sake of feeling better, especially when you can do it while you're listening to "7 Rings" and heating up dinner. Scroll through to see our favorite 60-second beauty treatments that will give your hair and skin the luxury treatment without taking any actual time out of your (very, very) busy day.

REN Clean Skincare Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial, $48

Up the ante on your usual vitamin C regimen with REN's flash facial, which has a 10 percent concentration of the stuff and works its magic in one minute flat. It looks like a sort of brown sugar scrub when it comes out of the tube, and goes on to tone and smooth skin, while reducing signs of photo-aging. As one reviewer aptly put it on Sephora.com, " I am in utter SHOCK at how well this product works." And honestly, same.

1 minute beauty hacks
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Dr. Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam With Alpha Hydroxy Acid, $72

You know the smooth, glowing skin that usually comes with a dermaplaning (AKA face shaving) sesh? This will give you on-par results, but without the blade or the dermatologist office visit. It combines a quintuple-threat of alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs (glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, and tartaric) to do away with dullness, and hydrate and even out skin tone. When you put it on, it kind of feels like a bubble mask (in that you can feel it crackling and working), and then you scrape it off with a bladeless tool to slough away dead skin cells. It's my new favorite thing to use before a big event, because it flawlessly primes my skin for makeup in a way that makes it straight-up glow.

1 minute beauty hacks
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Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Ampoules Hair Treatment, $5

Forget those annoying hair masks that force you to awkwardly hang out in the shower for 10 to 15 minutes while they're working. Pantene Pro-V's new "hair shots" do the trick in 60 seconds flat, plus they nourish and protect strands from future damage. The advanced technology allows the hydrating ingredients to penetrate the strands without having to sit on them for for-e-ver, and can be easily rinsed out in no time.

1 minute beauty hacks
Photo: Sonya Dakar

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial, $95

Think of this as an instant exfoliator, which uses lactic acid to nix dead skin cells. Don't worry—despite being an intense exfoliator, it's totally safe for winter (AKA dry skin season), because it's packed with resveratrol and hylasome to keep you hydrated.

1 minute beauty hacks
Photo: Dior

Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask, $75

Yes, this mask technically costs as much as a 1-hour facial, but it will give you a glow in approximately a sixtieth of the time. You can use it in the morning or at night, and give yourself a mini massage to get the masks peeling properties really working.


Photo: Garnier

Garnier Fructis Hair Mask ($3)

Avocado: Great on toast, even better in hair. This 1-minute Garnier mask employs everyone's favorite fatty fruit to help smooth strands and leave them frizz free. Slather it on in the shower,  shave half of one leg (if that's your thing, that is), and rinse it out.

1 minute beauty hacks
Photo: Fresh

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vitamin C Glow Powder 30-Second Foaming Facial, $40

Considering one beauty editor called this "the best facial she got in 2018" (which, for what it's worth, is saying a lot), you know this stuff is the real deal. It combines 20 percent vitamin C with alpha hydroxy acids to brighten and exfoliate, plus is packed with vitamin B5 to keep skin hydrated. The kit comes with 12 sachets, taking that $40 price tag down to $3 per facial. Not bad, huh? Combine the powder with water to create a fizzy foam, and treat yourself to 30 seconds of swooshing for best results.

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