This Quickie Full-Body Strength and Cardio Sweat Sesh Is Made for Those Who Are Short on Time

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Getting in a full-body workout might seem like something that should take at least half an hour (or even a full hour) to complete, but thanks to AK Fitness founder Amanda Kloots, you can strengthen every major muscle group in 10 minutes flat. In this week’s edition of Trainer of the Month Club, Kloots delivers a 10 minute cardio workout that will work your upper body, lower body, and abs while also getting your heart pumping. And—bonus point—it’s actually a lot of fun to do, too.

You’ll start with a quickie warmup that will get your blood flowing and your body fired up with moves like heel kick jumping jacks, ankle rolls, and toe taps. Little known fact: It’s really important to warm up your feet when you’re doing dance cardio, since you’ll be doing so much jumping around in the workout itself. By warming up the feet, you're helping to ensure that you don't get injured later on in the workout (which is kind of goal number one when working out, right?).

Round two is all about your upper body. Grab your weights (or water bottles if you don’t have ‘em), and you’ll work your biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders all at the same time. Remember to keep your core tight, which helps to stabilize your entire body. Then, comes legs and abs by way of lunges, squats, and twists. By the time the 10 minutes are over, you'll be drenched in sweat and feeling the work from head to toe. Follow along in the video above, and check back next week for an entirely new workout from Kloots.

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