This 10-Minute, 10-Move Oblique Workout Is the Only Thing You Need To Do Today

The obliques don't get nearly enough credit. "They're your stabilizers," says Keoni Hudoba, creator of COREntine, in the latest episode of Good Moves. But that's just the beginning. Those very important muscles that run along the sides of your torso are also key for mobility, allowing you to bend forward and sideways with ease, as well as properly rotate your body from side to side. They also support your lower back and keep your posture in check.

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  • Keoni Hudoba, NYC-based trainer and co-founder and creator of Cyc Fitness

Knowing what your obliques do for your body makes you appreciate them on a whole new level. It even makes all those bicycle crunches not seem as bad. Oblique work can be just as exciting as any other part of the body when you switch things up, and that's exactly what Hudoba did in this quick 10-minute oblique workout everyone has time for. "Today's mission is to light up and get those obliques on fire," he says. "On these oblique exercises, you really want to twist, rotating your body. This is going to be a core burnout."

The 10-minute oblique workout has 10 exercises you'll be doing for one minute each. Instead of sticking to typical oblique exercises, Hudoba switches it up with some fun variations that'll keep you interested. That means instead of doing regular bicycles, you'll do even more challenging upright bicycles and bicycle holds. There's also runner sit-ups, tabletop crunches, and something you may not have tried yet: a "C Crunch Rock" with a twist. Spoiler: It's like "rolling like a ball" in Pilates... except tougher.

There are no breaks in this workout, but keep it up. Just 10 minutes of work is going to make you stronger than you were yesterday.

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