Spring Clean Your Living Space in 10 Minutes Flat

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Now that the weather is nice, who wants to set aside an entire weekend to tidy up? Exactly: No one. Thankfully, it doesn't take 48 hours to get your living room looking spring ready. In fact, you can give the entire space a top-to-bottom spit shine in under 10 minutes.

Don't believe me? Take it from Melissa Pollock, a lifestyle and organization expert from PODS, who says that an easy way to tidy up your space at warp speed is to follow the 12-12-12 rule. "Throw away 12 items. Donate 12 items. Return 12 items to their proper place," she says. "In a matter of a few minutes, you’ve cleared roughly 36 items." Talk about a speed clean.

Read on for more of Pollock's time-saving spring cleaning tips.

Clean room
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Clean from top to bottom

Yes—your ceiling needs love too, and that's where you should start the process. "Wrap a microfiber towel around a broom to dust crown molding and out-of-reach corners that collect dust," says Pollock. "Use a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan blades. Place the pillowcase around each blade and pull the pillowcase toward you." Not only does the get the dust off the blades, it keeps it from falling on, well, you.

Use makeshift materials

Pivot your cleaning frenzy to hit your lampshades, curtains, and blinds. "The adhesive from the lint brush is great for picking up dust out of fabrics if you don’t have a duster handy," says Pollock. Then, cover the arms on a pair of salad tongs with a microfiber cloth, and secure it with a rubber band, and use it as a DIY blind cleaner. "Place your tongs on each individual blind and move them from left to right to give them a nice clean," she suggests. "Start at the top of your blinds and work your way down."

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Reduce streaks with an unsung pantry hero

Who knew you had so many cleaning products hanging out in your pantry drawers? "Clean your mirrors by dipping a lint-free cloth into a brewed pot of black tea," says Pollock, noting that a solid wipe should leave them sparkling. Then, cut a lemon in half and rub the inside on your chrome finishes to give them a little extra dazzle.

Give the room a once-over with a dryer sheet

Recycle from your latest load. "After you take your dryer sheet out of the dryer, use it to wipe down baseboards, TVs, computers, and any appliances in your living space," says Pollock. You'll save a fortune in paper towels.

Leave the floors for last

Once everything else is looking spick and span, it's time to turn to the ground. "To clean your hardwood or tile floors, attach a piece of felt to your Swiffer," she says. "This is an easy way to pick up any leftover dust, and when you're done you can toss the fabric into the washer."

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