11/11 May Be Known for Luck—But Here’s What the Date Actually Has in Store for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Repeating 11s, however they show up, are famous for signifying good luck. (Hence the common refrain: It’s 11:11, make a wish!) But the date 11/11 is also rich with numerological significance, as well as cosmic meaning, based on the positioning of the planets when it arrives. Paying attention to all of the above can lend some useful insight into just how you can expect the auspicious events of the day to unfold for your zodiac sign.

In numerology, the number 11 is considered the “master teacher or inspiring leader,” says numerologist Jasmine Wolfe, “and in being the 11th month, November always carries the energy of elder wisdom with it.” By extension, the month is generally all about gaining real life wisdom—which is best done not through books but by living life fearlessly, says Wolfe, and learning from your mistakes along the way.

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What is the significance of the date 11/11 from a numerological and astrological perspective?

The numerological vibe of the number 11 is amplified on the date 11/11, given the double appearance of the master number. In turn, Wolfe suggests being really aware of whatever comes your way this day: “The events taking place in our lives around 11/11 are key to understanding the larger life lessons you are currently being guided toward,” she says.

This year, it’s likely that those lessons will be focused, in one way or another, on “realigning your actions and habits with your values,” says astrologer Madi Murphy, co-founder of spiritual wellness platform CosmicRx. In other words? You might get a reality check about your goals, pushing you to reconsider the things you need to do—and the boundaries you need to set—to achieve them.

That’s because taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius forms a challenging square with the sun in Scorpio on November 11, infusing everything with a dose of practicality. But in light of the recent Taurus-Scorpio eclipses, that energy will be especially focused on all things love and money. You could be pushed to think about “what it would really look like to make money in a way that’s in line with your values and what it would feel like to be in relationships where you feel seen, appreciated, and worthy,” says Murphy. Moving closer to those ideals could mean reconsidering to whom and what you’re devoting your time, money, and attention, she adds.

“On 11/11, we may feel extremely passionate and action-oriented toward whatever moves and motivates us.” —Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

At the same time, however, the cosmos also brings some motivational support on 11/11 in the wake of the eclipses. The moon will be conjunct Mars in Gemini—and given that moon rules over our emotions and Mars rules over our actions, we could feel “extremely passionate and action-oriented toward whatever moves and motivates us,” says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, author of The Oracle Card Journal. This could give you the energy you need to make those aforementioned changes in support of greater alignment.

And for the cherry on top? There’s also a bit of lucky fate on the cosmic forecast, perfectly in keeping with the colloquial significance of 11/11 as a day for things fortuitous. As the moon and Mars align, “they’ll also form a ‘yod’ with Venus and Pluto,” says Marmanides. “This is a very special arrangement of the planets that is assumed to bring fated or destined events. And because all of the planets involved here are highly dramatic, sexual, and emotional planets, 11/11 has fated moments in relationships written all over it.”

Exactly how this energy will show up in your life depends on how these cosmic happenings interact with your birth chart. Below, Marmanides and Murphy break down the significance of 11/11 for each zodiac sign. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to get the fullest picture of what to expect.

Here's how the cosmic significance of 11/11 will affect your zodiac sign


You’re in the driver’s seat of your life today, Aries. With the sun in Scorpio activating your eighth house of birth, death, sex, and transformation, you’re being pushed to release whatever is holding you back from experiencing deeper passion and intimacy, says Murphy. And that might involve taking action on an important text, email, or message, says Marmanides. “Your third house of communication is activated by the moon and Mars in Gemini, so today could be the day to speak that pivotal or even life-changing conversation into existence,” she says.


Aligning your actions with your values is extra important for you right now, Taurus—especially in the wake of this week’s chaotic eclipse in your sign. With the moon-Mars conjunction in Gemini touching your second house of values, resources, and money, you could be pushed toward a money-making opportunity that allows you to feel more secure and independent, says Marmanides. And at the same time, the sun in Scorpio will sit within your seventh house of relationships, “illuminating new chances for true love, romance, and connection,” says Murphy.


It’s about time you prioritize yourself, Gemini. The moon in your sign on 11/11 is offering support around setting intentions for the things you really want, whether that’s a new job, relationship, or outlook on life. In order to move toward that reality, you’d also be wise to implement everyday practices for self-care. (The sun in Scorpio is activating your sixth house of health and wellness, after all.) “See how you can bring more joy and balance to your day-to-day life through new routines or rituals,” says Murphy.


Your 11/11 experience will edge on the emotional side of things, Cancer (aka familiar territory for you, as a water sign). The feelings-focused moon in Gemini touches your 12th house of the inner psyche, “calling on you to be kinder and gentler to yourself,” says Marmanides. As you work to embrace more self-compassion, also consider practicing inner-child work to get in touch with your true self, suggests Murphy. The sun in Scorpio resides in your fifth house of creative expression, fertility, and pleasure, says Murphy, encouraging you to find new ways to “access and share your light with the world.”


Some good luck could arrive for you from an external source, Leo. In particular, Marmanides suggests looking out for opportunities from your friends, social network, and even colleagues come 11/11, as the moon and Mars in Gemini highlight your eleventh house of community. Relationships with family members (and anyone who feels like family) could also get a boost on this day, says Murphy. The sun in Scorpio resides in your fourth house of family and familial roots, pushing you to consider what it really means to feel a sense of belonging.


Work and communication are already your strong points, as a detail-oriented Mercury-ruled Earth sign. But on November 11, you could experience a helpful breakthrough tied to these areas of life, as the sun in Scorpio highlights your third house of communication and the moon in Gemini touches your 10th house of career. “Pay extra attention to downloads, symbols, or synchronicities that seem to pop up out of nowhere,” says Murphy. They could offer clues about how you might share your message and your voice, and level up your work as a result.


If you’ve been feeling restless, consider this your sign to expand your horizons, Libra. As you enter a new year of life, the emotional moon in Gemini is activating your ninth house of travel, education, and exploration. “This is a wonderful opportunity for you to feed your curiosity about a topic or area of study you’ve been interested in,” says Marmanides. With the sun in Scorpio highlighting your second house of money and finances, it’s possible that your new interest fuels a new revenue stream, too. If you can align your values with the way you make money, says Murphy, you’ll be on the road toward embodying more self-worth.


You’re in the midst of some big personal transformation, Scorpio, and the energy of 11/11 is just going to push that forward even more. The sun in your sign (aka your first house of identity) and the moon residing in your eighth house of spiritual intimacy are guiding you toward a cosmic reemergence. “You have the potential to attract a whole new realm of possibility, projects, and partnerships just by owning who you are,” says Murphy.


A heart-centered 11/11 is on the agenda for you, Sagittarius. With the sun in Scorpio residing in your twelfth house of the inner psyche and the moon activating your seventh house of relationships, you’re bound to get in touch with the ways you love yourself and others—or fail to do so. “Make time to get quiet with your heart and see where you may be ready to clear old or unhelpful patterns of thought or behavior,” says Murphy.


In classic Earth-sign fashion, you have an opportunity to get (re)grounded on 11/11, Capricorn. This is a time to “assess what does and does not bring you joy in your day-to-day routine—and let go of what doesn’t,” says Marmanides, referencing the power of the moon in Gemini touching on your sixth house of daily wellness. At the same time, you may have the chance to do a similar refresh of your social groups, as the sun resides in your 11th house of community: Are you surrounding yourself with people who inspire you? If not, you may feel the need to shake things up or, perhaps, say “yes” to a chance encounter, says Murphy.


11/11 is a date for embracing your public image, Aquarius. With the sun in Scorpio highlighting your 10th house of career, the stars are aligned for you to receive recognition for your work, says Murphy, or for you to raise your hand for a project that you feel confident you’ll knock out of the park. And at the end of the workday, you’ll be primed to celebrate (11/11 is a Friday this year, after all). “This is prime time for a night out with friends or otherwise doing something that you love,” says Marmanides.


As an emotions-driven water sign, you’re particularly in tune with the moon, Pisces. And with the moon in Gemini on 11/11, highlighting your fourth house of family and familial roots, you could feel moved to spend a night amid the joys and comforts of home, says Marmanides. “Self-care will be key as the fourth house is typically a very sensitive and private part of your life,” she says. “This is an opportunity to get clear on what makes you feel safe and supported.”

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