It’s 11-11, the Luckiest Day of the Year—Here’s What an Astrologer Says to Expect

Mary Grace Garis

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“It’s 11:11, make a wish.” This was a daily refrain among my high-school friends—twice daily, in fact, on Fridays, when we were together right until our curfews. The idea is that when when telling time and all the ones line up, if you notice it within the minute, you could score a bit of luck. It’s not out of nowhere we came to hold this belief, either: 11-11 has significance in numerology and the date 11-11, or November 11, is widely considered to be a lucky day. But today, the 11-11 significance is all about revelation.

This year on 11-11—that is, November 11, 2019—we’re halfway through Mercury retrograde, and the planet is transiting the sun. This midpoint is crucial in the retrograde cycle, because not all days of cosmic event are created equally. Some days are all about flight delays and texting miscommunications, while others, says astrologer Chani Nicholas, are akin to a magical or transformational portal. Today, 11-11 falls into the latter bucket.

“It’s a moment where it’s said that Mercury enters the heart of the sun, or enters the chambers of the sun,” says Nicholas, author of You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance, available for pre-sale today. “There’s an Arabic word, cazimi that means ‘into the heart of,’ and when a planet, especially Mercury, enters into the heart of the Sun astrologically, it’s said to be able to receive information and receive a kind of solar infusion.” This 11-11, Mercury goes into the heart of the sun astrologically and literally, meaning you can theoretically see it, which is neat because of how rare the occurrence is. In fact, the next time we’ll see that transit is November 13, 2032.

This point of the retrograde cycle is said to be filled with mystery and subsequently a revealing of secrets. “And because it’s in Scorpio, it’s extra cloaked in this kind of mystery, magic, and [a] transformational quality,” says Nicholas. “This is the most secret part of Mercury Retrograde cycle because it’s usually hidden in the sun beams. But the fact that this one is visible, it has a really kind of special connotation and significance to it.” Basically, this 11-11 is all about hidden desires coming into plain sight.

How do you harness this bit of luck and magic? According to Nicholas, right now is time to listen to your intuition and connect to the part of life that’s invisible but very powerful. Your dreams, your intuition, your sixth sense. If you’re not normally in touch with your inner self, now is the time to ponder and not blow off your ideas.

“When you get a gut feeling, pay attention to it,” Nicholas says. “When you get a passing idea that makes you feel excited, write it down.”

If you’ve always wanted to start a side hustle, for example, now is the moment that desire will be illuminated. Or perhaps 11-11 will shine a light on whether you should move cross country after months if craving a change. Take stock, and put these urges onto paper. Nicholas stresses that you don’t have to act on the revelations immediately (like, seriously, don’t book a flight on a feeling), but rather, be in conversation with your intuition.

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