11/11 May Be Known for Luck—But Here’s What the Date Actually Has in Store for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Repeating 11s, however they show up, are famous for signifying good luck—hence the common refrain: It’s 11:11, make a wish. Often regarded as an angel number (or a recurring number thought to carry a spiritual message or meaning), a series of 1s, as in 111 or 1111, can even have a fated or destined vibe to it—and as a date with repeating numbers, 11/11 is thought to carry the numerological significance of a fresh start.

In numerology, the number 11 is considered the “master teacher or inspiring leader,” says numerologist Jasmine Wolfe, “and in being the 11th month, November always carries the energy of elder wisdom with it.” By extension, the month is generally all about gaining real life wisdom—which is best done not through books but by living life fearlessly, adds Wolfe, and learning from your mistakes along the way.

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Interpreting this symbolism alongside the cosmic energy of the day—based on the location of key planets when it arrives—can offer more specific insight into what this year’s 11/11 may bring and how the energy might affect your zodiac sign.

What is the significance of the date 11/11 from a numerological and astrological perspective?

The numerological vibe of the number 11 is amplified on the date 11/11, given the double appearance of the master number. In turn, Wolfe suggests being really aware of whatever comes your way this day: “The events taking place in our lives around 11/11 are key to understanding the larger life lessons you are currently being guided toward,” she says.

This year, those lessons could come in unexpected ways, as the astrology of the day brings an intense opposition: Mars, the planet of action and drive, opposes Uranus, the planet of eccentricity and rebellion (with Mars transiting in its traditional ruling sign of emotional Scorpio and Uranus in steadfast Taurus). All the while, the sun is also transiting close to Mars in Scorpio, firing up this opposition even further.

“Mars is the planet related to assertion and willpower, as well as how we fuel ourselves—it’s the energy of, ‘I want something and I’m going to fight for it,’” says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care. On the other hand, Uranus is “the rebel and the planet of creative chaos,” she says.

Typically, such an opposition of Mars and Uranus might create great potential for unrest and conflict—it’s a face-off of forceful momentum (Mars) and liberation (Uranus). You might experience sudden disruptions to a plan or unexpected outbursts, as a result, says Gailing.

Taking into account both fiery Mars energy and innovative Uranus energy can lead you to a major breakthrough.

But viewed through another lens, this opposition doesn’t have to be tense. If you work to integrate these seemingly contradictory energies, Gailing says there’s an opportunity to take concrete action toward something you want—just in a new or unexpected way. “It’s like the planets are sitting on opposite sides of a very long table, and they see things from different perspectives, but it’s all about how we can find balance,” says Gailing. Taking into account both fiery Mars energy and innovative Uranus energy can lead you to a major breakthrough.

Part of this could mean letting go of your usual playbook a bit; after all, Uranus is all about the rebel and the renegade. Be open to experimentation and straying from your regular path, suggests Gailing. You might just find yourself able to access more luck that way this 11/11.

Exactly how this energy will show up in your life depends on how the Mars-Uranus opposition interacts with your birth chart. (In other words, Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus will fall in different astrological houses for every zodiac sign, activating different realms of life.) Below, Gailing breaks down the cosmic significance of this year’s 11/11 for every zodiac sign, and you’d be wise to read for your sun, moon, and rising signs to get the fullest picture of what you can expect.

Here's how the cosmic significance of 11/11 will affect your zodiac sign


Intimacy is on your mind on 11/11, Aries. With the sun and Mars in your eighth house of sex, vulnerability, and karma, “the focus is really on taking your need for intimacy to a deeper place,” says Gailing. How might you approach this? Consider that innovative Uranus is cruising through your second house of finances. Perhaps you leverage some resources to spice up your sex life by buying a new sex toy.


Your relationships are in the spotlight, Taurus, with Mars and the sun in Scorpio moving through your seventh house of partnerships. “The focus is on connection and sociability,” says Gailing, “and you could feel pushed to express yourself in a way you’re not used to.”

If you’re typically the one following others’ plans, take the lead this time and be the one to put plans in motion. Uranus is in your first house of the self, after all—devoting some thought and energy toward how you’d like to be perceived by others could lead to big breakthroughs.


How are you actually feeling, Gemini? Your sixth house of health and wellness gets a visit from Mars and the sun, inspiring you to set a new wellness goal or consider how you might approach your well-being from a new angle this 11/11, says Gailing.

But that doesn’t just mean your physical wellness; Uranus is shaking up your 12th house of the subconscious mind, so today is also a chance to think holistically and consider how you might tend to your spiritual health, too.


Your creative juices are flowing this 11/11, Cancer, thanks to the sun and Mars moving through your fifth house of creativity and pleasure. Pick up a journal, pen, paintbrush, or whatever other implement your art may require, suggests Gailing. With Uranus simultaneously in your 11th house of community, you could find that your creative expression has a way of connecting you to others on this day, or perhaps that others will help you uncover a new way to express yourself.


As 11/11 arrives, the sun and Mars are in your fourth house of family and home, Leo. “There’s this notion that you’re really activated in the home, so use the dynamic energy available to cook, clean, or do a DIY project,” suggests Gailing.

At the same time, Uranus is lighting up your 10th house of career, so consider how you might reorient your home to support your ambitions—especially if you’re currently feeling stressed or untethered at work. “You could find that you’re creating an altar in your house to honor your new career or work aspirations,” adds Gailing.


You’re changing up your approach to communication, Virgo. Mars and the sun are in your third house of communication on 11/11, which could shake up your worldview or otherwise push you to learn something new, says Gailing. It only helps that inventive Uranus is simultaneously in your ninth house of adventure, exploration, and wisdom; consider watching a documentary or reading an article about a topic totally foreign to you, and see how it shifts your perspective.


With the sun and Mars in your second house of finances, Libra, money is on your mind. Rather than approaching your financing as you usually would, consider how you might take a new tack when it comes to your checks and balances, suggests Gailing. Is there a new account you might open, or is this the day you broach investing?

Uranus is in your eighth house of sex and debts, which could push you to consider your finances in relation to others. Perhaps there’s a way you might pool your investments with those of someone else or otherwise share your resources for mutual benefit.


It’s still your season, Scorpio, so the sun and Mars are illuminating your first house of the self. As you’ve likely been doing since the start of Scorpio season, you could find yourself exploring new ways to assert yourself on 11/11—but perhaps with some help or inspiration from a partner or good friend, given Uranus is in your seventh house of partnerships. If you’ve been admiring the ways in which a loved one expresses themselves or goes after what they want, today is the day to try their methods on for size, says Gailing.


It’s likely been an introspective and perhaps confusing time for you lately, Sagittarius. The sun and Mars are in your 12th house of the subconscious on 11/11, pushing you to engage in deeper ways with your inner self and your dreams, says Gailing. Consider picking up some tarot or oracle cards, dream journaling, or digging into the specifics of your natal chart. This kind of spiritual investigation could prove especially soul-nourishing as innovative Uranus also highlights your sixth house of wellness and daily rituals on this day.


The sun and Mars are lighting up your 11th house of community, Capricorn, allowing you to find new approaches to your friendships, says Gailing. Though you tend to be the planner of the group, you might benefit from a little spontaneity or even impulsivity on 11/11 when it comes to choosing activities for group hangouts. After all, renegade Uranus is in your fifth house of free-flowing creativity and joy, “which could expose you to new ways to bring art and romance into your life and relationships,” says Gailing.


You may be thinking about work even though 11/11 arrives on a Saturday this year, Aquarius. Your 10th house is where Mars and the sun are transiting on this day, pushing you to consider how you might carve out the next steps of your professional life. “Be open to looking at your prospects from a new vantage point as you could spot potential you hadn’t before considered,” says Gailing. At the same time, you might turn to your family for advice or inspiration because Uranus is simultaneously transiting your fourth house of home and familial roots.


Good news, Pisces: You’re moving out of a period of fogginess now that Saturn’s long retrograde in your sign has finally ended. All the better because Mars and the sun transit your ninth house of expansion and travel on 11/11; spend the day “considering new aims and goals, and exploring how you want to access a greater base of knowledge and expand your world,” says Gailing. Consider researching some new places to visit, or even make a vision board to map out future travel.

Uranus is in your third house of communication, so it’s a good idea to turn to new or unexpected sources of information for inspiration. Rather than scrolling Instagram for travel ideas, for instance, you might head to the library and pick up a paper guidebook.

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