11 Healthy Essentials That Are Like Dorm Room Prerequisites

Photo: Stocksy/Foster Addington
Going away to college can be both fraught with anxiety and filled with the most exciting kind of possibility. As tough as it can be leave all the comforts of home, the prospect of starting your *adult* life in a bedroom that's more trendy than tween-y can be pretty thrilling.

Although college sometimes gets a bad rap for being a place where people make regrettable choices (frat parties) and let their health slip (freshman 15), it doesn't have to be that for you. Think of your dorm room as a respite from campus life, a place to recenter and recharge. Since your environment plays an important role in determining your mood, there are ways to ensure that your new digs are a cocoon of warmth, health, and inspiration.

Here's a curated list of healthy dorm room essentials that include everything from powders and tonics (to keep you healthy and focused) to workout paraphernalia for those 10-minute yoga sessions that double as study breaks.

See our wellness-inspired dorm room picks below.

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