The Best Place for You To Seek Friendship and Community, According to Your 11th House in Astrology

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If you could use some extra support or gassing up right now, you're in luck—just look to your 11th house in astrology to guide you to the right community. The 11th house is where matters of camaraderie take place, discerning your platonic love language. Knowing what zodiac traits are present in this house can help you understand better what you need in a friendship, and ultimately find the group of friends that make you feel like you belong.

As an astrology refresher, the 12 houses in astrology refer to the 12 slices of your birth chart that represent a different aspect of your life, like your emotions and your communication style. “Houses are different domains that exist within ‘slices’ of life,’” astrologer Babs Cheung explains. “It's the different areas where your chart placements (planets and asteroids) can express themselves.” The 11th house is where you go to find everything relating to your friendships.

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The planets in your birth chart will be located in your 12 houses. Note that you may have an empty house, which just means no planets are creating specific themes in that house—but that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening in that house (or area of your life). Each house is located in a specific zodiac sign, which is ruled by a certain planet, and both can shed light on how you'll experience the themes of that house in your life.

Your rising sign is the sign associated with your first house, and from there, the houses in your chart correspond to the order of the zodiac—so, the sign that follows your rising will be in your second house, the sign after that in your third, and so on.

What does the 11th house represent in astrology?

Put simply, the 11th house is the area of your chart that discerns community, friendship, and hope. “The 11th house in astrology represents your networks–both friends and rivals—and people's perception of your public image,” says Cheung. In other words, how you show up for your friends and the type of people you’re drawn to shows up here.

“The 11th house in astrology represents your networks—both friends and rivals—and people's perception of your public image.” —Babs Cheung, astrologer

The 11th house is associated with Aquarius, aka the humanitarian of the zodiac. Like the water bearer wants to fill everyone’s cup, the 11th house describes what we have to offer society as a whole, or as astrologer Angel Dawn says, is the social consciousness that connects us to our personal relationships.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus in modern astrology, which deals with individuality and hope for the future, influencing the 11th house’s social status and group dynamics. In traditional astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the planet of maturity and time, making the 11th house an indicator of social networking and the longevity of society’s traditions, too. The combination of these energies makes up the bigger picture of the 11th house.

While it deals directly with how we interact with the collective, “also represented here are the personal hopes, dreams, and wishes of the individual,” says Dawn. Depending on what zodiac sign or planet (if any) is stationed here, these qualities will be present in terms of networking in the public sphere, plus, your vision for the future.

What planets are good in the 11th house?

Given that the 11th house is associated with friendships, wishes, and hope, having any planets stationed here can be a positive thing. To find out what planets hail in your 11th house, plug in your birth information (your birthday, birthplace, and time of your birth), and look at the planets within 30 degrees of your 11th house.

Don’t worry if there are no planets in your 11th house. This just means no specific planetary energies are influencing this area of life. In this case, to understand how you’ll experience themes related to the 11th house, just look at what zodiac sign your 11th house is in (more on this below).

Read on to find out what having any planet in your 11th house means for your life.

Sun in the 11th house

Because the sun is associated with your outward personality, having the sun in the 11th house will mean that friendship is of particular importance in your life. “This placement indicates a person whose best self shines brightly within their networks,” says Cheung, adding that those with the sun in the 11th house are open-minded and are tolerant of the perspectives of those in their community.

Moon in the 11th house

Relating to emotional responses and desires, when it’s in the 11th house, you’re likely someone who requires deep, sentimental friendships. “These people are the types to connect the most to humanitarian causes,” says Cheung. Friendships that feel like family are common for people with the moon in the 11th house.

Mercury in the 11th house

Mercury relates to ideas and communication. If this planet is stationed in the 11th house, you tend to make friends easily but require mental stimulation from the people you spend your time with. “There's an ease to handling affairs with the public and a likelihood that your words, written or verbal affect a large group of people,” Cheung says.

Venus in the 11th house

Love planet Venus in the 11th house denotes an empathetic person who cares about society, per Cheung. Since Venus relates to romance, when it’s in the 11th house, Cheung says this could make your standards for your relationship require them to share the same social principles.

Mars in the 11th house

Since Mars deals with how we assert ourselves, it can discern a deep passion for the welfare of society. The strong leadership qualities of this planet explain why someone with this placement has a huge influence on their friendships. Dawn explains “planning and collaboration will come easy to the individual.”

Jupiter in the 11th house

Lucky planet Jupiter blesses the 11th house in the form of spiritually beneficial friendships with others. Those with this position in their chart often have luck in friendships, like having friends in high places. You’re likely to have an abundant social circle and as Dawn puts it, “they will constantly be meeting those who could be beneficial or open doors of opportunities.”

Saturn in the 11th house

Saturn is the planet of maturity and time, so when it’s in the 11th house, this can discern long-time friendships that are built on the foundation of trust and security. It can also denote hardship and tough lessons in friendship, says Dawn, “but can build strong, stable foundations within larger organizations and work diligently toward realizing their dreams.”

Uranus in the 11th house

At home in the 11th house, Uranus in this placement can be particularly auspicious. These people tend to have unconventional friendships, explains Dawn, and they may be attracted to those who are on the fringe of society. “Uranus provides excitement, ingenuity, and innovation to personal endeavors,” Dawn says.

Neptune in the 11th house

Ruling dreams and illusions, Neptune can be flighty in the 11th house. People with Neptune in the 11th house are drawn to those who share the same appreciation for art and music as them. On the other hand, Neptune’s elusiveness may cause this placement to be misled or deceived by others, “resulting in some trust issues when it comes to friendships,” says Cheung.

Pluto in the 11th house

Being the planet of endings and transformation, Pluto in the 11th house can indicate whirlwind friendships. They might take friendships seriously, says Cheung, and they might change friend groups several times in their life. “They are the types of people who can truly transform their lives based on what kind of people they surround themselves with,” says Cheung. Being chosen in their friendships is key!

How do I know what zodiac sign is in my 11th house?

Regardless of what planets are in your 11th house, or if this house is empty, everyone’s 11th house is related to a specific zodiac sign in their natal chart. The sign influences the themes that show up in your life. To get that intel, you can run a free birth chart generator online (like this one!) to learn what sign is located in your 11th house. Note that you’ll need your birth time, birth location, and of course, your birthdate.

If you’re lost—because natal charts are notoriously confusing—you might consider scheduling a private reading with an astrologer. Once you’ve gathered your cosmic data, you’re ready to know all about your social tendencies. Below, astrologers break down 11th house astrology, including the best way for you to seek community, based on your 11th house.

Aries in the 11th house

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Aries energy is fast-paced and impulsive, so people with Aries in the 11th house live for spontaneous hangouts and a little friendly competition. As Cheung puts it, as someone with this placement, you might have a ton of friends online but keep a small circle IRL. If you have Aries in the 11th house, you tend to be flighty—meaning you’ll start a group chat, but you’re not the type to text back right away (if at all). “Aries in the 11th house marks an outgoing person who is eager to make friends and go to networking events but is unlikely to keep friends let alone keep records of friends,” Cheung explains.

When it comes to finding friends, "Aries folk would do well by joining competitive sports teams and burning off some fiery energy together, as well as think tanks and leadership groups for fellow leaders in their professional field," says astrologer Ambi Kavanagh of Soulstrology. Specifically, finding a virtual workout class or online networking community are great ways to connect.

Taurus in the 11th house

taurus horoscope

If you have Taurus in the 11th house, Cheung says you take your time in making friendships, but the ones you choose are the ones you ride for forever. Taurus in this house translates to a strong and devoted friendship and unconditional support for those you call friends. As for the type of friendships that draw in someone with Taurus in the 11th house, you prefer a luxurious clique. “Their network might have an overall higher net worth or people who appreciate the finer things in life since Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of money.

Assuming you’re in the mood to leave your beloved sanctuary at home, if you have Taurus in the 11th house, Kavanagh says you bond best with people over your love of nature, art, beauty, and creativity, specifically a hiking group, yoga group, or conservationist organization. Not feeling outdoorsy? You could bond with other culture lovers via online art classes, museum tours, and theater clubs.

Gemini in the 11th house

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When you have Gemini in the 11th house, making friends is effortless. You can adapt to all types of situations—and others’ vibes—so if the twins are occupying this house, you tend to connect with pretty much anyone, says Kavanagh. "They tend to have less-intense friendships with more friends based on what is piquing their interest at any given time."

Because Gemini needs to be intellectually stimulated constantly, it’s important that if you have 11th house, the type of friends that suit you best should be able to keep up with your wandering mind—and variety is key! Find a community that allows you to go to multiple different events with multiple focuses, like, perhaps, an alumni association, and make connections from there.

Cancer in the 11th house

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If Cancer is stationed in the 11th house, you tend to be the mother of the group. You’re the type of friend who’s making sure your group is hydrated during a night out or demanding they text you letting you know they got home safe. While Cancer is gentle and compassionate, “this marks a person who is protective of their friendships and truly nurtures them,” Cheung says.

Those with Cancer in their 11th house tend to prefer deep, meaningful, relationships nurtured by intimate get-togethers. "Friends will be more like family, and less is more here," Kavanagh says. You prefer intimate gatherings, like hosting wine nights at home or a drive-in movie. As for making friends, you tend to have long-lasting childhood friendships that stand the test of time.

Leo in the 11th house

leo horoscope

In the 11th house, Leo energy is all about seeking thrill and creativity. “Leo acts like a celebrity and so it will also want to be surrounded by people who share that sentiment, or at least have the talent and chops to make them stand out,” explains Cheung. Think, dining at Vanderpum’s famous SUR or dancing the night away at an exclusive nightclub.

If Leo is hanging out in this house, not only are you likely the “leader” of the group, as Kavanagh puts it, but you prefer to spend time with people who are “indulging in their hobbies, creative endeavors, and passion,” Kavanagh adds. You might feel at home in some kind of performing group, being part of a local music scene, or any other avenue where open-mic culture is rampant.

Virgo in the 11th house

virgo horoscope

When it comes to those with Virgo in the 11th house, you’re dependable and have a solid group you hang out with on a regular basis. That kind of constant is important to you, and according to Cheung, reciprocity is key in your friendships. “Oftentimes, this placement will make friends out of necessity and convenience rather than making friends who share the same passions,” Cheung says.

It’s important that your friends can support your wellness goals. Since Virgos are known for their altruistic and practical nature, the people you might be drawn to are those who are driven and have a compassionate way of spending their time, and according to Kavanagh, it’s important that they can find friends they can be dutiful together.

Libra in the 11th house

libra horoscope

Libra in the 11th house is known for seeking balance in their relationships, so if you have Libra in your 11th house, you tend to be the glue in your friendships. Libra in the 11th house indicates a buzzing social calendar, but it can also mean you’re fickle at times, especially if the friendship becomes stale or boring.

When it comes to the friendships they’re drawn to, aesthetics are everything! In that way, you’re picky with who you let in your circle. “If certain friends can't keep up with the lifestyle Libra in the 11th house prefers, they won't be friends for long,” says Cheung. Libra in the 11th house thrives in environments where they can socialize and indulge in the finer things, like at museums or festivals.

Scorpio in the 11th house

scorpio horoscope

If Scorpio occupies your 11th house, you’re drawn to tight-knit friendships that you feel secure in, and you’re extremely selective about who you let in. “Not everyone can pass the Scorpio in 11th house vibe check,” says Cheung. That’s because you’re a private person and pursue friends you can pour your heart out to, which requires a deep sense of trust. But once you open up, the friendship is raw, honest, and deep.

"Soulful connections are for these people," says Kavanagh. "In other words, spiritual, other-realm meet-ups." Those who are interested in going deep, whether that’s emotionally or tuning into mystical worlds, are friendships you vibe with the most.

Sagittarius in the 11th house

sagittarius horoscope

Sagittarius in the 11th house can make friends easily and tends to have a multitude of dynamics in terms of friendships. If Sagittarius is in your 11th house, you love getting into deep, philosophical conversations with your friends. Sagittarius in the 11th house is interested in what it all means, but they don't always stay in one place for very long.

Having Sagittarius in this house means you’re the type of person who is constantly seeking knowledge so you need friendships that carry the same interest in expanding their minds. “There's a desire to learn alongside friends and work on self-development,” explains Cheung. That said, you’re drawn to environments where you can learn and connect with your spirituality—whatever that looks like to you—like at museums, book clubs, or during your long-distance travel adventures.

Capricorn in the 11th house

capricorn horoscope

For those with Capricorn stationed in the 11th house, friendship is serious business. If you have this placement, you’re the type of friend who possesses several longtime friendships and doesn’t really mingle with others outside of them. That’s because stability and consistency are pillars of friendship.

Maturity is important to you if Capricorn is in the 11th house. "You'll have older friends, usually people with status and power,” Kavanagh says. Ideally, these friends will reflect a mentor dynamic, where you can help each other further your goals and life path. And because career is important for those with Capricorn in the 11th house, “"Friendships will be found in a place that feels like home–the workplace," Kavanagh says.

Aquarius in the 11th house

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If Aquarius occupies your 11th house, it’s important that you find a community you can rely on. FYI, Aquarius is associated with the 11th house, so not only does this placement feel at home in this house, but it also means you generally have a strong devotion to your friendships. You’re the type of friend who can give logical yet thoughtful advice, even if you aren’t the first person someone turns to for emotional support.

“They value friends who are free thinkers and seek out people who are changing the world for the better,” Cheung explains. In other words, you’re drawn to friends who align with your mission to progressing society forward, like attending protests or as Kavanagh says, “dreaming and scheming for the greater good.”

Pisces in the 11th house

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Since Pisces is the sign of all things in the nonmaterial realm, those with the water sign in the 11th house are the type of friends that help others advance in their spirituality. You tend to romanticize your friendships, whether it’s crafting reels that highlight your best moments or painting the town red. Friendships that flourish for people with Pisces in the 11th house come with transformative messages, says Cheung. “As the oldest and wisest sign, it's understood that connections with people, no matter how short, are lessons to learn,” Cheung explains.

That said, creative spaces or environments where they can nurture their spiritual pursuits, according to Kavanagh, are great ways for this placement to find and keep friends. “That could be in a gig, a concert, or a band. Or, as ocean lovers, maybe they'll find companionship in a surf or kayaking group,” Kavanagh says.

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