12 Essentials to Rehydrate From Head to Toe

Photo: Getty Images/ Compassionate Eye Foundation
I don't know about you, but I'm thirstier than a Bachelorette contestant this time of year.  No matter how much water I drink after a sweat sesh—which, in July, can just as easily involve me sitting in my air-conditioning-deprived apartment as it can participation in a hot yoga class—or how full-on I run my humidifier out here in the Los Angeles desert, my skin and throat remain parched.

And after a summer spent by the pool, at the beach, and baking in my car while sitting in LA traffic, I need a whole arsenal of hydrating products to restore my cracked skin. This means reaching for moisturizers, balms, masks and, of course, filled-to-the-brim water bottles. Below, find 12 hydration superstars you, too, can rely upon until temps cool this fall.

Still feeling a bit parched? Here's how to maximize H20 intake from your summer fruit salad, plus proof hydration is even more critical than you think.

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