This 12-Minute, Full-Body Workout Will Spike Your Heart Rate Without a Single Piece of Equipment

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Nike trainer Tara Nicolas is back with the next workout in our ReNew Year Movement Program, and it's a 12-minute, full-body workout that she says will "activate all your bits and get you feeling good for the day."

After a warm-up involving drills like arm circles and squat pulses, Nicolas gets into the quick, no-equipment workout. "

"We only have two drills. 30 seconds of work. 15 seconds of rest. Two rounds. No big deal," Nicolas says. After you complete that, she takes you through a quick series of two skills.

Because this program is all about meeting you where you are in your journey (whether you're a fitness newbie or a studio regular, we've got you!), Nicolas also demos ways to modify the movements.  "We're here to get a workout, but also we want to feel good," she says. "It's challenging, but that doesn't mean it's not going to be fun as well." She encourages you to take a rest if you need it, but when you're ready to get back into it, give it 100 percent of your effort—whatever that means for you today.

Press play to see the full workout, and follow along below.

12-minute full-body workout:

Go through each circuit twice. 

Circuit 1: 

1. Plank extensions: Get into a plank position on your mat, with your forearms on the ground and your elbows stacked under your shoulders. Place your knees on the mat, and drive your toes into the ground. Walk your elbows out one at a time, then walk them back in. The range of motion should be small. Widen your stance as you need in order to keep your butt from popping up. If that feels good, then you can try the move from your toes.

2. Single leg glute bridge lifts: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Keep your arms down by your sides and press up into a glute bridge. At the top, bring your left knee in toward your chest, then lower back down to the ground using only your right leg. In simpler terms: You use two legs to press up, and one leg to come down. Do 30 seconds on your right leg, then do 30 seconds on your left leg. You can modify by keeping both feet on the ground for the entire time.

Circuit 2:

1. Plank walkout: "This is our finisher. We want to be a little more spicy here. We're a little warmer, feeling confident, and our muscles are feeling engaged and activated," says Nicolas. Start standing at the bottom of your mat. Bend down to touch your hands to the floor, then walk them out into a plank position. Walk your hands back in and stand up. Begin to pick up the pace.

2. Quick feet: Start standing with your knees slightly bent. Run in place, moving your feet quickly. Every five seconds, Nicolas wants you to pick up the pace until you're working at maximum effort.

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