The Last Day of the Year, 12/31/23, Is an Angel Number—And It Signifies a Special Kind of Fresh Start

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Write out the date for the last day of the year in 2023, and you'll find that the countdown to the new year comes with a unique kind of count up this time around: 12/31/23 or 123123. Seeing those first three numbers lined up in order might bring to mind the count of three you'd use to channel your courage before jumping into a body water or ripping off a bandage, or perhaps the typical count-up before snapping a group picture. In any case, it's likely you associate the sequence with starting something. And just as in life, in numerology (a system that ascribes meaning to numbers beyond their mathematical value), the meaning of the number 123 is associated with new beginnings and an energizing call to action.

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The pattern found in 123 and 123123 makes these numbers angel numbers, or recurring numbers of repeating digits (such as 222 or 555) or numerical sequences (such as angel number 1234) thought to carry divine messages from the universe. Typically, angel numbers will show up repeatedly in your life (for example, on receipts, clocks, street signs, and so forth) when you're most in need of listening to their unique messages. But when they occur in a date (as in the angel number 4321 in the date 4/3/21, or 22222 in the date 2/22/22), their spiritual significance is more collective or universal in nature.

What is the meaning of 123 or 123123?

In numerology, each single digit number has a particular meaning associated with it; when you see these numbers in combinations and sequences, you can look to the meaning of each digit to understand the overall significance of the pattern, says numerologist Novalee Wilder.

Applying that logic to the sequence 123, “[angel number] 1 is the number of beginnings, [angel number] 2 is connected to our emotions and fun, and then, angel number 3 is the work of learning and growth, in terms of, 'How do I get this off the ground?'” says Wilder. The message here, then, is to recognize the fun and potential of a fresh start—and then to consider what work you'll need to do to make it happen.

“[Angel number] 1 is the number of beginnings, [angel number] 2 is connected to our emotions and fun, and angel number 3 is the work of learning and growth.” —Novalee Wilder, numerologist

Another way to interpret the meaning of a numerical sequence is to add the digits together until you get to a single digit, and then consider the symbolic nature of that digit. In this case, for the meaning of 123, you'd add 1+2+3, which equals 6, a number associated in numerology with nurturing, service, balance, and love. So, we can expect these positive traits to be especially present on the date 12/31/23 as well.

The repetition of 123 in the date or in any repeating sequence of 123123 just doubles down on the fresh-start meaning, according to Wilder. “Whenever a message gets repeated, the energy behind it gets amplified,” she says.

What is the meaning of the date 12/31/23?

New Year’s Eve is typically associated with making resolutions for future growth and change, and this year, that vibe will be all the more potent given the angel number 123123 in the date. "We're ending the year with a lot of momentum [in the 123 sequence] and then it reoccurs [in the date of the final day], so it's like we have a double opportunity to listen to this message," says numerologist Remington Donovan, author of Numerology: A Beginner's Guide to the Mystic Significance of Numbers.

Indeed, numerologist and tarot reader Vannessa Williams sees the date 12/31/23 as a "portal day" in numerology, signifying our collective forward movement and "offering insights into where we're going in the future."

Breaking down the specific two-digit numbers within the date bolsters this push for growth. Donovan says the number 12 symbolizes what you truly desire, while the forceful 23 is all about focused and sustained energy. However, Wilder says the number 31 points to a bit of unpredictability. “In numerology, 31 can have to do with mishaps, accidents, and things that don't go according to plan,” she explains. That just means you'd be wise to double-check your plan for the last day of the year (and any New Year's celebrations), and surround yourself with friends and loved ones whom you fully trust, she says.

Because the date 12/31/23 also marks the transition between 2023 and 2024, Wilder says we’ll also feel the combined influence of each year's overall meaning. On the one hand, the numerological meaning of 2023 corresponds to the number 7 (2+0+2+3=7), which is the number of truth and intuition, or the “journey of fear and faith,” as Wilder puts it—fitting for a year of change and disruption to the status quo. And on the other hand, the numerological meaning of 2024 is symbolized by the number 8 (2+0+2+4=8), which is the number associated with "life force and brilliance," says Donovan. The combination, then, is a reminder that reaching our potential requires both having faith in the universe—that is, "leaving some flexibility for what the universe may deliver us," says Williams—and also working actively and intentionally toward our goals, she adds.

Part of that will mean working to surpass personal roadblocks along your growth journey. "123 is also the idea of transforming negative patterns to create a more delightful and pleasurable life—it's breakthrough energy," adds Donovan. It's a time for identifying the habitual tendencies that may hold you back (e.g., procrastination, self-sabotage, negative self-talk) and making a commitment to clear them, creating space for more supportive habits to form.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Meaning of 123

What is the meaning of 123 in love?

You may recall that 123 is associated with the number 6 (1+2+3=6) in numerology, which is connected to service, nurturing, and commitments to others. This also makes it a powerful symbol for developments in love.

If you're in the beginning of a relationship or have a new crush, seeing the sequence 123 may be a sign to go on a fact-finding mission about the object of your desires, says Wilder. “It's a suggestion to learn more—to ask them to hang out and get coffee, to look at their social-media accounts, and ask them about important things, like their family and friends,” she advises.

Whereas, if you're partnered, seeing 123 could point to the need for renewal in your relationship. She suggests thinking about what was fun and pleasurable in the beginning of your courtship (associated with angel numbers 1 and 2) and then creating a plan to bring back some of that energy (connected with angel number 3). One possible way to do that? Try alphabet dating, where you go on different dates inspired by letters of the alphabet to introduce novelty into your quality time with your S.O.

If, on the other hand, you're not romantically involved with anyone and aren't looking to be, Wilder says the number 123 could be a sign to channel more self-love in your life. Remember that you have to water your own flowers to keep them healthy and blooming, she adds.

Why am I seeing 123 or 123123 everywhere?

According to Wilder, repeatedly seeing 123 or 123123 is an invitation to examine which areas of your life may be ripe for reinvention. “Seeing 123 or that sequence [123123] is a green light that something is beginning,” says Wilder. “The seed has been planted, and now we have to water it.”

The key piece here is the watering—meaning, it's important to get to planning for whatever new beginning may be on your horizon if you keep seeing the angel number 123 everywhere. For example, if you've been feeling particularly unfulfilled or unsupported at work, seeing 123 or 123123 could be a message to embrace the hunt for a new role. Or, if you've been finding yourself strapped for cash, this numerical sequence could be a sign to sit down and create a new budget. In any case, the energy behind 123 and 123123 is about taking action toward newness and growth.

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