Sculpt and Strengthen Your Abs With Our 14-Day At-Home Challenge

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Strong abs are the latest fitness trend, haven't you heard? And when we say strong abs, we mean exactly that. We're talking core strength that improves your posture, stabilizes your spine and pelvis, helps you move better, and improves your athletic performance. There are countless ab workouts you can do and no matter which you opt for, it's important that you target your entire core which is made up of your transversus abdominis (your deep core muscles), your external and internal obliques, and your rectus abdominis muscles (aka the "six-pack" muscles).

To take the guessing out of what you should do for your strongest core yet, we created this 14-day ab-strengthening challenge. You're going to refine your form and get stronger along the way, and each workout won't take longer than 20 minutes to do. Up for the challenge? Check out the ab-strengthening workouts ahead.

14-day at-home core-strengthening challenge

Day 1: A 10-Minute Oblique Workout

Target your oblique muscles with this quick workout led by Sydney Lotuaco. You can do it alone or add it to your favorite workout for an extra challenge.

Day 2: 10-Minute core series with a towel

You don't need a bunch of fancy equipment to get a good workout in. Don't believe us? Grab a towel and follow along to this 10-minute ab workout by Brian Spencer.

Day 3: 10-minute core workout with Ash Wilking

Expect dead bugs, planks with twists, reverse crunches, and more from this challenging and quick 10-minute workout.

Day 4: 15-minute abs workout with Charlee Atkins

You should be feeling stronger by now and if not, this workout by Charlee Atkins will ensure that you do. Grab two dumbbells (or an alternative like water bottles or textbooks) and get ready to work.

Day 5: 15-minute total-core strength workout

The intensity is going up with this 15-minute high-intensity ab workout led by Amber Rees and Lindsey Clayton.

Day 6: 15-minute lower abs Pilates workout

Target your lower abdominal muscles with this 15-minute Pilates-inspired ab workout.

Day 7: The ultimate Pilates total-core workout

If you think Pilates is easy, think again. This workout will have your abs quivering in no time, but it's gentle enough to do every day if you want.

Day 8: 10-Minute Standing Barre Workout

If you're tired of exercises like planks and crunches this standing barre workout was created with you in mind.

Day 9: Lower ab workout with Keoni Hudoba

This workout is 100-percent equipment-free but that doesn't equate to easy. Get ready to do inchworms, bear holds, downward dogs, and a bunch of plank variations.

Day 10: Runner's core workout with Traci Copeland

If you're a runner, focusing on your core strength is a must. In this video, Traci Copeland shows you the moves you need for a stronger core that will help you become a better runner.

Day 11: 15-minute total core slider workout with SLT

Grab your sliders, or a towel, and get ready for a challenging ab workout. Pro tip: Don't forget to breathe throughout the duration of the workout.

Day 12: A seven-minute oblique workout

Ashley Joi is going to get you pumped up to crush this quick, seven-minute oblique workout.

Day 13: 15-minute runner's core workout

This workout was created with runners in mind but really, it's for anyone who's looking to strengthen their core. If you've got 15 minutes, we've got an intense workout for you.

Day 14: 15-minute Barry's HIIT core workout

Finish off the core-strengthening challenge on a high note with this 15-minute Barry's HIIT core workout.

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