Try This 15-Minute Dancer Arms Workout the Next Time You’re Bored With How You Sweat

It's no secret that dancing makes everything more fun. That said, whether you're grooving it out on the dance floor or jumping around to oldies in the kitchen, one thing remains true—you'll definitely work up a sweat. On the latest episode of Good MovesThe Ness founder and trainer, Colette Dong, takes us through a quick dancer arms workout that uses light weights to tone and strengthen your whole upper body while transporting you straight to the club. Press play on your favorite throwback playlist and follow along to feel the burn.

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This 15-minute dancer arms workout focuses on strengthening your traps, delts, pecs, shoulders, and biceps, but because Dong begins the set with a series of stretches, neck rolls, and shoulder circles, it also is great for opening and relieving the tension that you hold in your upper back. Though the workout starts out slowly, using small movements that may not feel like you're doing much, because you are constantly moving during the 15-minute set and because the moves speed up, your arms start to really feel it—and quick.

One thing to keep in mind throughout the workout is your base. Though the focus of the moves is on your arms, shoulders, and upper back, it's essential to keep your core engaged and your heels grounded into the floor as you pulse and extend through the movements. Additionally, to avoid any tension or pinching in your shoulders, remember to keep them pressed down away from your ears and pulled back towards each other. "It helps me to exhale and smile because when you're smiling, your posture and your disposition just lighten a little bit which helps [with dropping your shoulders]," explains Dong.

Ready to get started? Press play on the video above to follow along with a 15-minute dancer arms workout that gets your body and brain feeling warm and fuzzy. All you'll need is a set of light weights, a pair of soup cans, or a couple of water bottles.

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