The Full-Body Pilates Workout That Even a Powerlifter Thinks Is Challenging

When some people think of Pilates, the first thing that comes to mind might be that it's an easy workout...and one that needs fancy studio equipment to take part in. But that's not entirely the case. In an episode of Good Moves, Chloe Gregor, East River Pilates trainer, walks you through a full-body Pilates class that requires no equipment and has even one Powerlifter in the comments sweating the slow-twitch motions that accompany the modality.

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  • Chloe Gregor, pilates instructor and founder of the Pilates platform Go Chlo Pilates

"You can do this on its own or you can tack it on to your other workouts just to get all those core muscles firing, all those stability muscles working," says Gregor. From the very beginning, Gregor puts your abdominals to work. She starts you off with a roll down to activate your core–having a strong midsection is the foundation to basically every exercise move–and it only gets more challenging from there.

Following the core work that makes you feel like you've done enough for the day, Gregor also finds some pretty sneaky ways to activate the glutes, without a squat or lunches in sight. Your peaches will be feeling the burn without putting a strain on your knees, thanks to elbow-to-knee lifts and pulses.

The workout is only 15 minutes and requires no equipment, so it's perfect to squeeze in before a morning Zoom meeting or during your lunch break. All you need is a yoga mat to strengthen and work your arms, abs, legs, obliques, and back. I can't disclose all of Gregor's full-body Pilates workout moves so you're going to have to press play on the video for more.

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