This 15-Minute Core Workout Utilizes One of J.Lo’s Go-To Pieces of Low-Budget Equipment

Real talk: Core workouts are not the most fun flavor of exercise and oftentimes, it doesn't even really feel like you're working your abs, well, despite the pain. Equipment can sometimes help with this, which is why The Ness founder Colette Dong implemented a soft Pilates ball ($10) for the 15-minute core workout she demos on the latest episode of Good Moves

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J. Lo's trainer recommends using a medicine ball regularly for good reason—it's a low-investment piece of equipment that easily levels up otherwise too easy movements, plus it's especially good for firing up the core. And I think most of us would agree that whatever J. Lo is having, we want to be having, too.

In this workout, Dong utilizes the ball in a variety of ways as she runs through a mat workout that looks deceptively gentle but is actually pretty hardcore. There are leg lifts (and excruciating) lowers done with a medicine ball tucked between the thighs, bridges that burn so good, oblique twists, and more.

While it's unlikely I'll ever get J. Lo's abs as someone who sits at a desk all day, it's worth a shot at working towards them with this investment of just 15 minutes a day. Press play to squeeze (pun intended) this medicine ball core workout into your (otherwise not-too-J. Lo-esque) day.

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