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This 15-Minute Tabata Workout Is the Fastest Way to Get Your Daily Dose of Cardio

Zoe Weiner

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Whenever a trainer announces that it’s time for a Tabata, you know you’re in for some serious work. The HIIT derivative involves breaking down your workout into 20-second intervals with 10 seconds of rest in between them. The goal is to spike your heart rate by going all-out in short bursts, then keeping it up with those quick breathers in between.

Not only are these types of workouts ultra-effective for both cardio and full-body strength training, but they’re also wildly efficient ways to ensure you're not stuck in the gym all day. In this week’s Trainer of the Month workout, Rumble trainer Ash Wilking guides us through a Tabata workout that will leave you dripping in sweat in 15 minutes flat.

In the video above, she’ll guide you above two six-move circuits, each of which you’ll do twice. One thing to keep in mind? “It’s never about how many you’re doing, but how many strong ones you’re doing,” says Wilking. In other words? Pay attention to to your form. 'If it feels impossible, you're doing it right."

So the next time you’ve got a few minutes to spare (lunch break workout, anyone?), press play on the workout above to, in the words of Wilkings, “get that ash moving.” Just be sure you leave enough time to wipe of the sweat (and maybe change out of that sweaty sports bra) before your next Zoom call.

Set 1 (repeat twice)

1. Heel kicks (20 seconds): Pull your heels up and back to kick your butt, pulling up through the front of your legs and keeping your shoulders back.

Rest (10 seconds)

2. Push and pull power jacks (20 seconds): Jump your feet in and out the way you would a normal jumping jack, alternating between pushing your hands straight out in front of you and straight up over your head.

Rest (10 seconds)

3. Squat and twist (20 seconds): Place your hands by your ears, and squat down. As you stand up, engage your core and twist your torso to one side, bringing your knee up and kissing it with your alternate elbow.

Rest (10 seconds)

4. Lateral shuffle (20 seconds): From an athletic position (keeping your core engaged and body low), shuffle from side to side, touching the ground at each side.

Rest (10 seconds)

5. Long jump and shuffle (20 seconds): Swing your arms back and use them to propel a long jump forward, then shuffle backwards to your starting position.

Rest (10 seconds)

6. Skater lunge (20 seconds): Starting in an athletic stance, use your arms to propel you to jump from side to side on one foot.

Rest (60 seconds)

Set 2 (repeat twice)

1. Star jumps (20 seconds): With your feet and knees together, crouch down to the floor to bring your elbows to your knees. Then, jump up, extending your arms and legs out into a “star” shape.

Rest (10 seconds)

2. Fast feet (20 seconds): From that athletic position, move your feet quickly in place, alternating a quick step out to either side.

Rest (10 seconds)

3. In and out jump (20 seconds): With your feet and knees together, crouch down to the floor to bring your elbows to your knees. Then, jump your feet out into a squat.

Rest (10 seconds)

4. 180-degree jump (20 seconds): Sit low into a squat, then jump up and land back into your squat. Then pivot on one foot to turn your body 180-degrees.

Rest (10 seconds)

5. Sprint and hold (20 seconds): Bring one knee at a time to your chest (the way you would in traditional high knees), but balance on one foot after every other rep for a “sprint, sprint, hold” pattern.

Rest (10 seconds)

6. Pendulum lunge (20 seconds): Step one foot forward into a lunge, then step the same foot back into a reverse lunge. Jump up to switch feet, and repeat on the other side.

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