This 17-Minute Ab Burner Will Help You Spice Up Your Core Workout

The great thing about a good ab workout is that you’re improving your overall fitness in so many different areas of your life. Whether you run, swim, row, or walk, your core muscles are super important. Even sitting and standing properly requires core strength and engagement. So in the latest episode of Good Moves, NYC-based trainer Traci Copeland delivers a 17-minute ab-focused workout designed to engage your core and make you feel a little extra burn. 

Copeland starts us off with an interesting variation on the classic plank move. If you find that holding your plank is one of the hardest things about doing them, this move is for you. Copeland changes the move: Instead of a traditional stationary plank so that, while you’re in the plank position, you slide a dumbbell from side-to-side. This move engages your core, and the dumbbell helps the activity go by more quickly. 

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  • Traci Copeland, Nike Master Trainer, yoga instructor, and fitness model

This 17-minute ab-burner also features a healthy dose of side planks, which can be a bit hard for balance. But Copeland is clear: Wobbles aren’t weakness—they’re simply information about your body. As you swap sides, she recommends paying attention to each movement. Maybe one side is shakier than the other, but there’s nothing wrong with that at all. This workout is intense, but Copeland reminds us that it’s an opportunity to learn more about where your body could use some extra TLC in order to improve your overall strength and balance. 

The best thing about this core workout? It’s got lots of little surprises. Copeland uses a raised dumbbell and mid-spine twists to engage the core differently than a traditional plank or crunch might. This workout is great for anyone that loves core training but wants variations on the usual suspects like crunches, jackknives, and planks. 

Are you ready to feel the burn? Grab a dumbbell, mat, and a water bottle and hit play on this 17-minute ab-burner workout with Traci Copeland.


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