This 2-Week Yoga Challenge Will Help Improve Flexibility In More Than One Way

Movement is supposed to feel good. It's supposed to be a way to join your body, mind, and spirit—which is quite literally what "yoga" means in Sanskrit. This month, we wanted to give our readers an opportunity to join us, as we sink deep into postures that are meant to challenge us in different, distinct ways throughout the course of this two-week yoga challenge led by Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson of BK Yoga Club.

Over the course of this two-week program, you'll move through different series that are meant to encourage you to find flexibility in different ways throughout your life. Ranging between quick, 13-minute targeted stretches for lower back pain and going all the way up to longer flows that are meant to integrate the full body, you'll find that each of these flows brings you something a little new and leaves you feeling a bit more open. With that, let's jump in.

Experts In This Article
  • Alicia Ferguson, certified yoga practitioner and creative wellness entrepreneur
  • Paris Alexandra, wellness artist, yoga and creative mindfulness facilitator

1. 20-Minute Wake Up Yoga

When you're ready to greet the day, start by pressing play on this flow which incorporates gentle movements to get you ready to tackle whatever is ahead.

2. 30-Minute Beginner Yoga Flow To Correct Posture

Open up your body and work to correct posture with this easy-to-try beginner yoga flow that feels like a collective "ahh" for your whole body.

3. 13-Minute Guided Stretch for Low-Back Pain

Given that many people have desk jobs these days—and compound that by the fact that they're probably less than ideal ergonomically thanks to COVID-19 WFH life—this 13-minute guided stretch is meant to give you targeted relief.

4. 30-Minute Flexibility Flow for the Body and Mind

This 30-minute flow will challenge you to find flexibility in your body and mind: You'll work through poses that wring out all of your muscles, from head to toe, as you look inward to stretch your pre-held notions about what poses would feel like.

5. 15-Minute Mood-Boosting Yoga Flow

Boost your mood in 15 minutes flat: This yoga flow is the equivalent of a box full of puppies...or a Bruno Mars-heavy playlist...or a big bunch of flowers that someone sent you on just a whim.

6. Rest Day

Take this day to rest and reset your body.

7. 20-Minute Gentle Flow to Rest and Restore

Give yourself the space to rest and restore with this easy-does-it stretching session that will leave you feeling like you're able to fill your empty cup.

8. 30-Minute Yoga Flow To Spark Creativity

This 30-minute yoga flow is meant to perk up your body and mind to increase creativity.

9. 15-Minute Flow To Relieve Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders

If you're someone who finds stress is a daily part of your life, this flow for your neck and shoulder pain can help to chip away at some of the physical tolls, while also bringing mental awareness to the issue.

10. 15-Minute Chair Yoga for All Bodies

Grab a chair and get ready to get deep into notoriously tight areas of the body like the hips and back in this 15-minute seated flow.

11. Yoga for Body Positivity

Celebrate your body and all that it can do in this body-positive mindfulness yoga flow.

12. 20-Minute Flow To Improve Your Mental Flexibility

This yoga for flexibility flow allows you to work out tension in your body and your mind in the course of 20 minutes.

13. Rest Day

Take this day to rest and reset your body.

14. 30-Minute Yoga Flow To Promote Sleep

Finish off the challenge with this yoga flow that's meant to help induce sleep by relaxing your whole body and mind.

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