This $20 Amazon Dress Has 3,000 Reviews and Can Be Worn Approximately 893 Ways

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The weird/delightful thing about shopping for clothes on Amazon is that they carry a lot of really strange brands that I've never heard of. And not like, cool under-the-radar athleisure brands to know, but rather things with names like, "Grecerelle Women's Casual Loose Pocket Long Dress Short Sleeve Split Maxi Dresses" that somehow have over 3000 reviews—the majority of them five stars. That specific dress is what we're here to talk about today, because it's currently gold medaling on Amazon's "Best Sellers in Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry" list. This seems random to me. Why are so many people buying a dress from a brand that doesn't even have a real website (I checked) and whose name is clearly engineered to be as searchable as possible? So I decided to investigate, and see what makes this inexpensive dress so freaking popular.

Many of the positive reviews center on how comfortable this dress is, and a variation of the phrase "drapes nicely" is a common theme. It's a short sleeve floaty maxi dress with side slits and a slight V neckline that comes in a bunch of different colors, from black to red to floral. And yes—it does have pockets (I know you were wondering). It also manages to do that thing where when you wear it it looks comfy, but in like an enviable and chic way, not a wearing giant sweatpants to the grocery store to get cold medicine kind of way.

TL, DR: This dress is the definition of versatile. After reading the reviews and looking at the photos, around a million ways to wear it popped into my head. Here's what I'm thinking:

Photo: Amazon

GRECERELLE Women's Casual Loose Pocket Long Dress Short Sleeve Split Maxi Dress ($20)

1. With sneakers and a denim jacket: This is how I will wear it to go to the farmer's market to buy more plants that I can accidentally kill, and spend too much money on gourmet cheese.

2. With embellished slides: Compliment the ease of sliding into this dress and looking great with the ease of just sliding your feet into sandals. I will wear it this way when I go flirt with (terrorize?) the bartenders at my favorite café for Saturday day drinking.

3. With a leather jacket and strappy heels: If I make it to a third date with someone, this is what I shall wear. Heels plus the side slits of the dress are giving me major Angelina Jolie leg vibes (but like, on a budget).

4. With the white mules everyone on Instagram is obsessed with: You know the shoes I'm talking about. I saw them so many times on my feed that I finally gave in and bought a pair. With this dress they will be even more *chef's kiss* than they already are.

5. With wedge espadrilles and a woven tote: Look, I didn't think wedges were going to be a fashion thing again but here we are. Pairing them with a woven tote just feels right, and gives this maxi dress serious beachy vibes.

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