This 20-Minute Rebounder Workout Is a Beginner-Friendly Bounce

If you're looking to level up your workouts in anticipation of an active, post-vaccination summer, you might want to consider actress Busy Philipps' favorite way of adding intensity to her fitness regimen: taking floor workouts to a rebounder (aka a trampoline). With that in mind, on the latest episode of Good MovesThe Ness founder Colette Dong demos a rebounder routine that'll get you started bouncing with aplomb.

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"Today I'm going to take you through a quick 20-minute simple bounce that you can do on your rebounder or mini trampoline," she says, before beginning to bob.

If you've never jumped before—or just need a refresher—it's important to note four common mistakes to avoid. The first is jumping up instead of down, and Dong points out that you actually want to be pretty low in your center of gravity, counterintuitively, while rebounding. You'll also want to avoid bouncing on your toes; instead, Dong recommends pressing down into a squat to engage your hamstrings and glutes and then pressing through your heels to jump upward.

She further suggests staying loose in your hip flexors by keeping your pelvis neutral and pulling in your abs. The latter form correction will also help you avoid making the fourth mistake, which is leaning too far forward during the workout.

With those notes in mind, you should be ready to get bouncing. Don't have a rebounder at home? Order this $140 foldable trampoline. Otherwise, hop to it by pressing play on this video now.

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