This 20-Minute Full-Body Resistance Band Workout is Deceptively Painful—in the Best Way

Resistance band workouts are all the rage right now, and for very obvious reasons: In many cases, at-home workouts don't allow the space for bulky fitness equipment and compact resistance bands can really level up your workout. In the latest episode of Good Moves, New York City trainer Sashah Handal offers a 20-minute full-body resistance band routine that will have you questioning why you ever thought you needed fancy equipment in the first place—because boy, oh boy, does this baby burn!

"Today I'm going to be taking you through a full-body workout utilizing just a resistance band," says Handal. "We'll target the lower body [and] the upper body, and then we'll do some combinations so that you can hit both at the same time."

For the routine, Handal utilizes a long resistance band with handles. And while she demos the routine move-by-move, there is a bit of leeway in the exertion level you can set for yourself at home. "Your success is always going to be dictated by how much resistance is on this band," she says. "You want it to be challenging but not impossible, and pride is not something that should be of concern here." In other words, don't force yourself to add so much resistance you can't get through a move (but if you're like me, you may also need a reminder that you should push yourself, too).

Experts In This Article
  • Sashah Handal, Barry’s Bootcamp instructor certified in personal training, HIIT, indoor cycling, and TRX

To help you select your speed, Handal offers variations for most moves including squats, lunges, overhead presses, and the like—all of which feature the added challenge of exerting enough force to pull the band taut.

In just 20 minutes of moving through Handal's various positions, your body will be so thoroughly burnt out you may be a little embarrassed—after all, it's not like you were tossing barbells over your head, right? This is just a tiny band! Press play to experience firsthand why this buzzy equipment epitomizes the phrase "small but mighty."

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