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This 20-Minute, Lunge-Heavy Workout Brings the Heat to Every Single Muscle in Your Legs

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You know that phrase “Never skip leg day?” There’s some merit to it—did you know that the largest muscle groups in your body are located in your lower half? Your glutes, hamstrings, and quads are massive powerhouse muscles for the body, which means you should definitely show them some TLC with strength training.

There are so. many. benefits. to be gained from a lower-body workout regimen, and not just a sculpted booty. Working on these muscles can rev your metabolism, help you feel more energized, power your steps, give you more stability and balance, and help you move throughout your everyday life with more power, more comfort, and less pain.

And you probably already know this, but you don’t need any equipment to work your body and get those muscles firing… no expensive gym equipment, no fancy boutique memberships (though those are both nice in their own right). Just a little space to move, a little time, and a little dedication.

Ready to get started? We’ve got a low-impact lower-body routine that your muscles (and joints!) will love. Well… your muscles might hate you (temporarily). Colette Dong of The Ness leads you through a no-equipment 20-minute workout comprising— wait for it—ALL LUNGES. Not only will you work every single muscle in your legs, but you’ll support bone and joint health thanks to a plyo-free sweat sesh.

To boot, you’ll even get a little core work in here too; be sure to lock in that TVA (transverse abdominis, or lower abs) to keep your form safe and comfortable, while making the workout more effective, targeting the right muscles. Yes, this workout will be a challenge, but it goes by quicker than you think. Check it out ahead, and don't forget to cool down and stretch afterward. Your muscles will thank you later.

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