Work Every Muscle in 20 Minutes With Nothing But a Resistance Band

Let's be real. The best workouts are the ones that don't involve a ton of expensive, complicated equipment and don't require a lot of time to complete. And in the latest episode of Good Moves, trainer Maxine Goynes proves you can work your entire body from head to toe with nothing more than a resistance band and 20 minutes.

After some stretching—including what Goynes calls the "world's greatest stretch"—you'll move into a 20-minute resistance band workout that'll leave you sore all over. First, you'll get your heart rate up with some resistance band jumping jacks, then you'll move into exercises like inchworms, walkout planks, glute bridges, and straight leg tricep dips—all without taking a break. Then, just when you think you're at peak sweatiness, you'll repeat everything for another round.

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Goynes goes through two high-energy circuits that you'll do two times each, plus a finisher that'll leave you breathless. What's really cool about this workout, though, is aside from the killer combination of cardio and strength-training using the resistance band, you're also increasing your balance and flexibility, not to mention your willpower—keeping up with Goynes isn't easy. It's also downstairs neighbor-friendly, as she has modifications for anyone who has "neighbors just below you who have already knocked on your door several times," she says.

The next time you want a quick workout that pushes you, challenges you, and inspires you—the ultimate trio—grab your resistance band and press play on Goynes' 20-minute resistance band workout above. "You can take the intentionality you used in this movement into the rest of your day," she says. By the time you're done, your head will be clear, you'll feel more energized, and no muscle will be left untouched.

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