Steal Jenna Dewan’s Speedy Hotel HIIT Series When You’re Short on Time (so Like, Always)

Photo: Getty Images/Theo Wargo
On some days, a couple hours at the gym can be just the endorphin-fueled antidote you need to unwind (and lift your spirits) after spending 9-5 chained to your desk. On others, though, the siren song of your Netflix queue might call a little bit louder than the treadmill. So when that's the case, just steal actress Jenna Dewan's preferred hotel sweat sesh.

"Sometimes a quick on the go home/hotel workout is all I have time for," wrote the dancing queen in the caption of an Instagram post on Wednesday. In the time-lapsed video, Dewan completes 25 knees-to-chest (AKA, mountain climbers), 20 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 squat jumps, and 25 sit-ups.

Complete five rounds of the circuit (which should take you about 20 minutes) and—bam—you're ready to stretch it out and hit the shower. Alternatively, if you reach the end of the routine and decide you want to step it up (see what I did there??), try tacking on Dewan's toning exercise or bust a move with her 45-minute dance routine.

Now all you need is a killer playlist to sweat along to: Check out Nina Dobrev's and Barack Obama's

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