5 Rockstar Nonprofits You Should Know About in 2018

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The holiday season is all about giving, but why not support cool causes all year long? With everything happening in the world right now, it can be hard to remember that great things are happening behind along with all those heartbreaking headlines. But the good always outweighs the bad, and thousands of nonprofits serve as proof.

Many folks work hard every day to help improve the lives of others, so why not make it your mission in the New Year to get involved and help make a difference too? Whether you want to donate or volunteer, it's easy to give back—and in the process of paying it forward, you'll surely spark some positivity within.

Get to know these 5 nonprofits ahead of Giving Tuesday (coming up on November 28), and through all of 2018.

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1. She's the First

Every girl deserves an education, and that's what She's the First strives to ensure: All donations to the organization's scholarship fund go straight to girls in low-income families to help them achieve their dreams. To date, there have been 923 scholars who come from places like Ethiopia, India, Peru, and Tanzania—each of whom will be the first in their family to graduate high school.

2. Wellness in the Schools

It's never too early to start developing healthy habits—and Wellness in the Schools aims to teach as many kids as possible about the power of a nutritious diet and exercise. With a vision to end childhood obesity, the org partners with public schools, and provides kids nutrition and fitness classes they might not have otherwise—delicious from-scratch meals and all.

3. Back on My Feet

Homelessness is a serious problem in the US—but Back on My Feet seeks to change that. The organization—which is in 12 major cities across the country—recruits homeless individuals to start running with volunteers three days a week. Then, after 30 days of strong attendance, the focus shifts toward restoring the confidence and self-esteem, to help them land solid jobs, have a stable home, and live an entirely new life.

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4. Pickals

Eating pickles for a good cause? Sign me (and everyone I know) up! When Arthur Cohen was first diagnosed with ALS, he turned his popular homemade pickles into a method to raise funds for a cure. Even though Cohen's battle with ALS sadly ended in August, Pickals is still raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in hopes to put an end to the disease.

5. Days for Girls

It's easy to take access to feminine hygiene products for granted—but there are millions of girls around the world who don't have that same privilege. Days for Girls is working hard to give every woman access to feminine hygiene products by 2024. So far, the organization has reached more than 800,000 women in need.

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