These Are the Buzziest Wellness Buys for Your Home, According to Interior Designers

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It's safe to say that the hero products that graced your Zen den in 2017 aren't going anywhere. You know and love your Himalayan salt lamp for its *literal* good vibes, and that sherpa throw is a hygge essential. Plus, who could forget the urban jungle that is your collection of shower plants?

But with spring afoot, the new class of healthy-home essentials is making itself known through the emergence of a new design ethos. A profound emphasis on meaningful connection to the environment and the sense of self is taking over.

"We’re all starting to get a little bit burnt out and trying to figure out how to say no and how to bring things into our lives that really make a difference and impact our space," says Hyphen Interior Designs founder Shelly Lynch-Sparks of the increasing demands of ever-present technology and stress.

"People are looking for ways to connect to each other and places they're in," explains Adam Rolston, partner architect and creative director at INC Architecture and Design, adding, "People are really looking for meaningful, data-based, facts-based experiences that actually induce feelings of well-being."

Here, Sparks and Rolston share their picks for 2018's new class of wellness pad must-haves.

Keep reading for the designers' picks.

Cozy 'womb' chair
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Cozy "womb" chairs

Coined by Eero Saarinen, the iconic mid-century modern design (and its subsequent interpretations) is characterized by its enveloping form. "As human beings, think about how we used to shelter in caves; so objects like a chair that can actually encompass you might make you feel contained and safe," says Rolson. "It's a very basic human need to feel enveloped and safe."

Whether you splurge on a seat in Saarinen's fashion or opt for a rendition like the one above, that feeling of security will impact how you feel when you come home each day. 

Home fragrance
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Home fragrance with sentimental appeal

You know how the whiff of a familiar scent can activate the memories and feelings of another time? Positive olfactory memories—and the scents that rouse them—are a new sensorial frontier of home wellness, according to Sparks. "That sort of personalized scent for the home, as soon as you walk in the door, it tells you how to tune out and turn down and also be present in your own home. And it’s also a calming force. It helps your nerves."

It could be a candle that reminds you of cozy nights on the couch with your SO, or an essential oil blend reminiscent of the one your favorite yoga studio diffuses, but by integrating a meaningful scent into your home, you're sure to elevate your mood and your space.

Weighted blankets in design
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Comforting weighted blankets

Blankets for days is the outlook for the year ahead, and those of the weighted variety bring another dimension of anxiety-busting sensory appeal. "As human beings, we’re a pack animal," Rolston explains. "We love to huddle together, yet loneliness is at epidemic crisis level in our culture." The weighted blanket actually does provide a psychological and physiological effect on your body helping you to calm.

Layer under your comforter or mix and match one to go with your favorite throws, but consider the an investment towards your next-level hygge den.

Personal space in the home
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A place to put your brain on 'do not disturb'

You won't exactly be running to the store for this one, but you'll likely be taking it into consideration as you rearrange your furniture next time around. No matter how much you love your besties' texts or your curated Instagram feed, technology can get a little bit overwhelming sometimes. That's why Sparks advocates for a relaxing space in the home that allows you to just be. "We really want to take over and for you to experience what’s happening inside the space and let everything else go. We’d rather that be the overwhelming experience than for you to forget about your day," Sparks explains. "Think about things that are going to make a small impact but also feel good."

Whether it's a spot you keep clutter-free to roll out your yoga mat or a decked-out meditation space complete with pillows and blankets, taking a spot and making it your own will enable you to always come back to your center.

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