Susan Miller Shares Her Exclusive 2020 Forecast for Each Zodiac Sign

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Not only are we in the victory-lap portion of the year, but also of the decade. And while we may well prioritize staying present and making memories with loved ones during the holiday season, fact remains that we're human—and human nature urges us to look ahead to what's next. To that point, we getting a peek at 2020 horoscopes is likely of interest.

Will our star signs predict good fortune, or will we fall into the '20s on our face? Well, thanks to Astrology Zone founder Susan Miller, you don't need to wait until January 1 to get a look at those 2020 horoscopes and answer your burning questions. According to Miller's vision of the cosmic forecast, all signs can get excited for different energies in the new year.

Below, get Miller's big predictions for the 2020 horoscopes that'll really define your year.

Take a peek at Susan Miller's predictions for the 2020 horoscopes below.


Rams are keen on getting things started with absolute velocity and drive, and if you've feeling stagnant in your current role or impatient about a big promotion, don't worry—the 2020 horoscopes forecast show the new year to be a great time for you to thrive. "Aries is all about spectacular career growth," says Miller.

And it makes complete sense; Aries is a fiery, Mars-ruled sign and emblem of leadership. In 2020, they can expect their natural front-of-the-line energy to propel them to the top of the chart, so to speak.


If you, Taurus, already feel your travel calendar is full for 2020, that isn't a coincidence, since 2020 is a huge year for you to take trips—especially international ones.

"And even if you think, ‘there’s no way, I don’t have the money,’ ‘I’m paying off student loans,’ or ‘I’m going to graduate school,’ or ‘I have an expensive apartment,’ you get that ticket," Miller says.

Well. Who are we to argue with the stars?


ICYMI, Gemini is about to hit the jackpot...maybe literally, given that Miller says this is their money-filled year. "It’s money based on commission or royalties, or performance-based money. It could be also a scholarship, or an inheritance, or prize winnings," she says.

In general, Gemini can anticipate some performance-based money coming...though not necessarily in the form of a salary bump. That's for another sign.


Cancer is the sign most likely to marry in 2020, and if you're an already married Cancer, you'll be able to take romantic vacations together. Miller also says that you'll be encouraged to travel, whether for a honeymoon or not, so this will be a time of peace and pleasure.

Even for Cancers who aren't in romantic partnerships, the cosmic energy is still very much of the "we." Miller says it can be used for partnerships in business, like getting an agent, getting a publicist, getting a social media manager, getting an editor, or getting anyone with whom you work one-on-one.


Lions will meet and surpass all their health and fitness goals this year. So, go ahead and commit to your new year fitness plans, and if you're looking to have any kind of procedure done, now is a good time.

2020 is also slated to be a good work year for Leos, so it's key to stay organized. "Little details slips between the cracks because lots of work is coming in," Miller says. But, especially if you're self-employed, get ready for lots of business!


Miller says that Virgo has the best love forecast of the entire zodiac wheel. And if you're trying to have a baby, it could be a fortuitous year for fertility.

That said, Miller doesn't advise doing any kind of fertility-related procedure during a retrograde, be it Mercury, Venus, or Mars. So mark your calendars, and use your period trackers, Virgos.


"Libra is all real estate," Miller says about finding your dream place to live this year. "You could rent, you could buy, you could renovate, whenever you want."

The focus for 2020 is really about domestic matters with family members being resolved during this time. If you're a caretaker feeling overwhelmed, take comfort. "This is the year [Libra] can find the perfect answers."


"Scorpio is all about communication," Miller says. "How well they're able to communicate will make or break the year."

Your ability to express yourself will bode well for the projects you're working on. According to Miller, this is the biggest year in more than a decade for making progress related to writing, speaking, editing, translating, researching, and all the communication arts.


Sagittarius actually just came off their Emerald Year, during which they were the celestial favorite. But Emerald does not promise green. "The one thing that wasn't good for Sag was money,” Susan Miller says. "I mean, it may have been generous, but considering how hard they were working, they didn't feel it was in proportion."

The good news? 2020 will be a great money year for Sag.

"This is the year the universe makes a correction and they finally see the money they deserve," Miller says. So definitely schedule that one-on-one time with your manager and discuss a raise.


This year you're the celestial favorite, Capricorn, in the prime of your Emerald Year. "They've had a hard time over the past two years, where they were setting up the table of contents for the for the next 30 years," Miller says. "They were building a foundation for their life."

This year though, really anything big can happen for Capricorns, so long as they know where to direct their energy. "They really have to know what they want," Miller says. "They should follow a list of priorities and take baby steps in December, and they'll see they get opportunities that they haven't had before."


Okay, so here's the meh news first: 2020 is not exactly the Age of Aquarius. Their good time is on the horizon, though.

"Aquarius has a quieter year, because they're getting ready for their Emerald year," says Miller. "But they have to delete things in their life." As part of your Emerald Year prep, it's time to get rid of anything that isn't serving you. Whether that's the apartment that's too small, the sweater that's too pilled, or the love interest who only texts at 3 a.m., declutter it! You need to have room for Only Good Things when Jupiter brings you into your Emerald year in 2021.


In 2020, Pisces will be a social magnet, and absolutely everyone will be drawn to you. "[Friends] are going to be pouring in, and one may be a romantic interest," Miller says.

She also notes that Pisces are drawn to help those who are suffering, so charity events, activism opportunities, and perhaps political interests might be in your cards. However you seek to improve the world, you'll have absolute ease when it comes to rallying the troops.

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