The Best 2021 Planner for You To Buy, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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No matter your zodiac sign, 2020 was probably just not your year. Though 2021 is poised to bring its own challenges, astrologically speaking, horoscopes on the whole for the next 12 months look a little more optimistic and a lot less retrograde-heavy than the firestorm of last year. So, even though 2020 did teach us something about best-laid plans (mainly that they only go so far), in the name of being as prepared and organized as possible, why not learn which 2021 year planners would be best suited for your sign?

After all, by staying on top of your to-do list and laying out your plans for the days and weeks ahead, you'll be better able to stay steady, no matter what life throws at you. Since there are so many 2021 year planners available from which to choose, Alex Caiola, psychic, astrologer, and founder of spiritual wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn, is here to provide some celestial insight to help you pick. Below, find the best 2021 planner for your sign, based on your element: fire signsEarth signsair signs, and water signs. Elements refer to temperament and how we react to their world, so they can be helpful to keep in mind with introspective practices like journaling and planning.

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The best 2021 year planners based on astrological element

Fire signs

Since fire signs pack a lot of kinetic energy, restrictive planners aren't really their M.O. Instead, try a more freeform option, like a bullet journal. "I had a fire-sign client last night, and she whipped out her planner," says Caiola. "First of all, it was pretty—as it should be. It had three different sections to encourage drawing and doodling, a dot-grid type to make tables, and the tried-and-true lined [portion]. Having more freedom to plan with their gut feelings and intuition is perfect for the fire sign set."

Aries: Life Journal Bullet Journal, $29

Photo: Levenger

This bullet journal has a lot of space for go-getter rams to plan how they'll execute their goals, with undated, empty pages.

Shop Now: Life Journal Bullet Journal, $29

Leo: Soleia Bullet Journal, $23

Photo: Papier

This bullet journal by Papier (which offers Leos on-the-nose feline imagery) allows the lioness to scribble-scrabble their plans for world domination and express their frustrations when 2021 pulls some 2020 BS. Hardcover and high-quality, this will keep Leo fierce and flexing their artistic side—after all, the fire sign is all about plotting creative projects and grand performances.

Shop Now: Soleia Bullet Journal, $23

Sagittarius: Inspiring Bullet Journal, $41

Photo: Etsy

Sagittarius is a natural ponderer who might naturally want a mini-bullet planner to scribble their musings. (Also, smaller journals are much easier to take on adventures.) But with so much going on, Caiola recommends a more multi-faceted 2021 year planner, like this one, to help Sag dream expansively.

Shop Now: Inspiring Bullet Journal, $41

Earth signs

Caiola and I both suspect that the most grounded signs of the zodiac probably bought their 2021 year planners by now. But "if they didn't, I'd love them to be able to blow planning out of the water this year," Caiola says. "Maybe something that allows them to see things by the entire month and is a bit bigger…basically, Earth signs own planning and strategy as a part of their personality."

Taurus: Nudes & Flowers, $29

Photo: Papier

Taureans love anything beautiful and botanical, and this planner fits that bill. The whole Garden of Eden look really appeals to a bull's sensual side.

Shop Now: Nudes & Flowers Planner, $29

Virgo: Silk + Sonder Journals, $20 a month, $54 quarterly, or $179 annually

Photo: Silk + Sonder

Virgo often gets typecast as a by-the-books perfectionist (it's ruled by analytical Mercury), but it's also influenced by Chiron, the wounded healer. Enter Silk + Sonder's monthly planners, infused with positive psychology and self-help techniques, including journal prompts, habit trackers, and mood trackers.

Shop Now: Silk + Sonder Journals, $20 a month, $54 quarterly, or $179 annually

Capricorn: Moleskine 12-month 2021 monthly planner, hard cover, $23

Photo: Amazon

Capricorn is a no-frills sign that cares about timelessness and tradition. That extends to their love of a legacy brand, so this classic black planner from Moleskine is a great option.

Shop Now: Moleskine 12-month 2021 monthly planner, hard cover, $23

Air signs

Forward-thinking intellectuals need a tech-enabled planning tool, whether that's an add-on for their Google Calendar or a sophisticated app.

"Nothing makes me more upset than not being able to access notes everywhere to support my random strikes of creativity," says Caiola, a fellow air sign. "And air signs are just not carrying around extra sh*t." If you do want something physical for now, air signs, here are some fun options to engage your often-restless mind.

Gemini: Best-Selling PetitePlanner Bundle, $65

Photo: Erin Condren

I suggest this petite folio to help Gemini decide which big intentions of the year to actually tackle. Gemini may start 2021 wanting to do it all, and this selection caters to that. It includes a budget book, a wellness log, a petite journal checklist and do-it-all stickers.

Shop Now: Best-Selling PetitePlanner Bundle, $65

Libra: Law of Attraction Planner—2021, $44

Photo: Amazon

Libra isn't known for being masterful at manifesting so much as being measured and grounded. And yet, this planner is hyper-detailed and very visual, which can be alluring to an aesthetically-oriented Venus-ruled sign. Plus it's crafted to help you become more positive, productive, and proactive. Who wouldn't want that kind of guide as you work to crush your goals?

Shop now: Law of Attraction Planner—2021, $44

Aquarius: Gal with a Plan 2021, $28

Photo: Valfre

For these water-bearers, 2021 poses to be great. They're celebrating their emerald year (which is basically their time as the zodiac's cosmic favorite), and they're enjoying a pivotal moment in the Age of Aquarius. Celebrate with this vivacious planner from artist Ilse Valfré, featuring whimsical characters, six pages of stickers, monthly and weekly calendars, and pages for notes. If nothing else, this selection certainly appeals to an Aquarian sense of eccentricity.

Shop Now: Gal with a Plan 2021, $28

Water signs

Finally, water signs are likely to skew spiritual when it comes to their 2021 year planners. For a truly divine experience, Caiola encourages something that utilizes the moon's movement or tracks menstrual cycles. "Also would love to see something that allows them to put in tarot spreads or other meditative insights for their days," Caoila says. "This will be really beneficial for their empathetic nature."

Cancer: 2021 Astrological Planner, $45

Photo: Magic of I

Magic of I planners are high art and include a number of features the spiritually inclined will love—but it really goes hard on the lunar stuff: new moon intention pages, a calendar for moon phases and zodiac signs, and a moon-and-menstrual tracker, to name a few features. It's perfect for Cancer, whose ruling luminary is (wait for it) the moon.

Shop Now: 2021 Astrological Planner, $45

Scorpio: The Witches Planner, $61

Photo: The Witches Planner

While most zodiac stereotypes are unfair, Scorpios do tend to be very… well, Scorpio. That means they're often introspective and intense; they keep things close to chest and have interest in shadow work. This little chamber of secrets of a planner seems to fit that bill, don't you think?

Shop Now: The Witches Planner, $61

Pisces: Soul Care Planner, $60

Photo: Etsy

This best-selling Soul Care Planner isn't just gorgeous, it's perfectly crafted for the zodiac wheel's modern mystic. It, too, includes lunar phases to aid in moon mapping rituals, as well as seasonal self-care prompts, and herbal recipes. It's a perfect toolkit for the sensitive psychic empath who needs to guard against energy vampires.

Shop Now: Soul Care Planner, $60

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