The Best 2022 Goal To Set for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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It’s officially the time of year when I bust out my arts-and-crafts box, print dreamy images, play some high-vibe music (cue: Arianna Grande’s “Just Like Magic”), and make my vision board for the New Year. If you, too, are harnessing the New Year vibes, you might be interested to know that one of the best ways to make a goal for 2022 is for it to be in alignment with your zodiac sign.

The good news is that no matter your sign, the planets seem to be aligning this year in such a way that will support us and our goals. “The big, beautiful goal energy of 2022 is forged in the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12th,” says Taylor Jackson, a New York-based tarot reader and intuitive astrologer of Black Satin Venus. “These planets both rule Pisces and their alignment brings luck, dreams, and transcendence to a peak.”

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Still, every zodiac sign’s experience will be different this year, so certain goals will support each sign through the cosmic energies. Keep reading to learn what 2022 goal to set, according to your zodiac sign.

The best 2022 goal for you to set, according to your zodiac sign

Aries: Do deep healing work

For Aries, Jackson says this is the year for doing the healing work to let go of the past, which will help bring the life you’ve always desired to fruition. “Go on a retreat, start a meditation practice—[do] whatever it takes to come to terms with the past,” she says.

Taurus: Serve your community

“Taurus is getting a blank check for 2022,” Jackson says, which is attributed to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction happening in their 11th house of hopes and wishes. What does this mean? “Anything is possible. Good fortune will keep rolling in.” And, since the 11th house represents community, Jackson says your good fortune will be amplified when you use some of that good fortune to serve the collective.

Gemini: Level up in your career

Geminis will be very focused on their career in 2022. Your efforts will pay off in a big way, but you have to show up, do the work, and be up for the challenge. “Geminis must release all forms of imposter syndrome, step into leadership, and make their mark on the world,” Jackson says.

Cancer: Do the thing you’ve been putting off

It’s time to examine the goals you've had on the back burner and finally tick them off. “Cancers should set their sights on expansion this year, both mentally and globally,” Jackson says. “This astrology supports major leaps, like going back to school or finally planning that bucket-list vacation.”

Leo: Kick that vice

“Leo wants to get comfortable with their big, bad wolves this year,” Jackson says. “This is big [vice]-kicking energy, and Leos can gain control…by embracing what drives them.”

Virgo: Set your sights on love

It's a big love year for Virgo. “I do not say this lightly: With Jupiter and Neptune meeting in their 7th house of partnership, this could be the year Virgos find the one,” Jackson says. Already partnered up? Jackson recommends using the love vibes “to transcend cultural scripts and build relationships of your dreams.”

Libra: Focus on health goals

For Libras, Jackson points to setting health goals for 2022, whether that takes the form of “a 5K, marathon, yoga, or mental hygiene,” she says. Feeling resistance? No worries. Jupiter will help you breeze through any blocks you’ve faced in the past around setting and achieving health goals, she adds.

Scorpio: Have fun and practice self-expression

Scorpio’s 2022 theme is having more fun and birthing something new into the world. “This is their year for pleasure and self-expression, and that powerful energy can manifest as an artistic output or even [having] a child,” Jackson says.

Sagittarius: Connect to your lineage

“This is Sagittarius’ year for closure and ending generational karmic cycles,” Jackson says. “Sagittarius should strive to find closure around any recurring family issues this year.” She adds that one way to achieve this is to connect to your lineage by visiting ancestral land or studying the native language.

Capricorn: Use your mind

Capricorns are stepping into 2022 with the energy of being ready to conquer anything. Specifically, Jackson notes that their minds will be extra sharp next year, so setting goals around writing, public speaking, or strategic planning is a great way to capitalize on the cosmic energy.

Aquarius: Stack your assets

“This is Aquarius’ year of assets, and they should set goals around property, vehicles, and increasing their earning potential,” Jackson says.

Pisces: Embrace main character energy

Pisces will ride into 2022 with main character energy in a big way, so buckle up. “Every Pisces should get their bio, headshots, and personal websites ready because with both [planetary] rulers aligning in their sign, it’s not a matter of if they blow up, but when,” Jackson says. No pushing will be required to get to where you’re going, but Jackson advises being prepared and resisting the urge to shy away when you inevitably take the stage.

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