A Star Astrologer’s Exclusive 2022 Horoscope for Each Zodiac Sign

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As we approach the new year, the cosmic stage is set for a scene change, with expansive Jupiter in Pisces forming the fortuitous backdrop. But perhaps the biggest celestial transit shaping our 2022 horoscopes is the shift of the north node into Taurus with the south node in Scorpio, influencing the eclipse season and driving some big energetic transformations for those two signs, in particular. And according to astrologer Colin Bedell, author of Queer Cosmos, this Taurus-Scorpio dynamic will direct our collective attention toward Taurean themes of security, stability, and sensuality year-round.

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Astronomically, the north node is a point in the sky where the moon’s orbit intercepts the northern ecliptic hemisphere. And while the specific sign where this node fell at the time of a person’s birth can play a role in their fate or purpose in life, the location of the north node at any present moment in time is what orients the collective consciousness. “This coming year, the north node in Taurus is inviting us to consider, ‘How can we find security in the unknown? How can we find safety by leaning into our true values? And ultimately, how do we connect to pleasure, joy, and a sense of the aesthetic, even while we’re still in a pandemic?’” says Bedell.

“The north node in Taurus is inviting us to consider, ‘How can we find security in the unknown? How can we find safety by leaning into our true values?’” —Colin Bedell, astrologer

At the same time, if peak Taurean ideals are what we’re moving toward in 2022, the oppositional elements of Scorpio (when it’s operating at its lowest octave) are the ones we’re leaving behind. “The south node in Scorpio encourages us to let go of hyper-vigilance, skepticism, guilt before investigation, and a lack of trustworthiness,” says Bedell. “We’re collectively working to clear these.”

As for how these overarching themes will affect our 2022 horoscopes, it depends mostly on the astrological house, or arena of life, that they activate for each sign. Read on to learn Bedell’s exclusive 2022 horoscope for your sign, so you can approach the year in star-sanctioned alignment.

Below, astrologer Colin Bedell reveals his 2022 horoscopes for each zodiac sign:

Aries: Financial change

Money is an object for you this year, Aries, with the north node activating your second house of resources. How you use yours in alignment with your values will be the question you'll aim to answer, says Bedell. You could be pushed to make new financial decisions or rethink old ones, with the goal of "grounding down into a sense of security in a different way," he says. And while this will likely start with actual money moves, it could also involve certain metaphorical or symbolic perceptions of value that you hold, including a shift in how you invest your time or energy.

Taurus: Self-reflection

Hold on tight, Taurus. This is your big find-yourself year, with the eclipses shaking up your sign and the north node, of course, right in your sign, too. As your first house of identity will bear the brunt of these cosmic shifts, you'll have the chance to rethink your sense of self. "Tauruses love security and stability, as in, 'I know this. I choose that,'" says Bedell. "But the challenge this year will be for them to embrace who they are and trust themselves amid uncertainty." Consider this your sign to make ample space for me-time and self care, however that might look for you.

Gemini: Finding spirituality

You could find clarity and meaning through a renewed practice of spirituality this year, Gemini. The north node highlighting your 12th house of faith, past-life energy, and higher powers could have you turning more toward the stars—or to religion, numerology, meditation, mindfulness, or any other endeavor geared toward inner peace and understanding. The question for Gemini is, 'How are you utilizing your spiritual practice in order to develop a sense of hope and to feel secure?' says Bedell.

Cancer: Community care

Your social circle—friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors—will play a part in driving your 2022 horoscope, Cancer. With your 11th house of friendship activated by the north node, you're most likely to thrive while in the presence of that broader circle. And if you don't feel as though that group provides reliable support and respect? It's time to diversify your social portfolio, says Bedell. "Be careful not to make one special person what an entire community of people needs to be," he adds.

Leo: Professional strides

You have a chance to grow professionally this year, Leo, but with growth often comes growing pains—just as more power brings more responsibility. All of that is to say, your 10th house of career is where the north node's Taurean energy is directed, and while it's pushing you to step up as a leader, it's also encouraging you to take radical responsibility for any professional outcomes, says Bedell.

"Your 2022 is the no-blame game: No back-channeling, no offloading, no nothing, except owning the professional actions you take, and figuring out how you can take control of your career to get the results you want," he says.

Virgo: Broadening your horizons

Trying new things isn't always your jam, but this year, you're poised to benefit from taking a leap of faith toward the unknown. "With the north node in your ninth house of travel and education, this is a time to close the curiosity gap between where you are and where you want to be, whether that means learning a new skill or going somewhere new," says Bedell. To do so will also entail dropping your classic Virgo concerns with being perfect, he adds: "Just remember: There's no such thing as simultaneously being perfect and doing something for the first time."

Libra: Sensual discovery

How can you honor your core needs for pleasure, sex, and sensuality, Libra? That's the question you'll be grappling with, as your eighth house of intimacy is the space where you'll be seeking stability this year, says Bedell. "It's important to get very clear about what you want and what you need, and then give it language," he says. That could push you to search for more depth of pleasure, either with the person whom you're with, or if you're single, with whomever might come into your life.

Scorpio: Opposites attract

The polar opposite of your core essence is on cosmic display this year, Scorpio, with our collective attention turned toward the north node in Taurus. As a result, embracing all that is different from you (particularly in terms of romantic partnerships) will likely serve you well, as the north node highlights your seventh house of relationships. "Through the contrast, you will have an opportunity to learn about yourself," says Bedell. "Just remember, the goal in a relationship is shared understanding, not always blanket agreement."

Sagittarius: Health and wellness

Your daily routine could be up for renewal in 2022, Sagittarius. Though you typically hold a big-picture, big-ideas kind of mindset, the north node in your sixth house of health, wellness, and rituals could leave you seeking comfort and stability in small, everyday habits. And that applies to the behaviors you take to support your physical health, as well as the ones that are geared toward your emotional or cognitive health. "Perhaps you need to make a change, either adding or subtracting from your routine to create something more therapeutic," says Bedell.

Capricorn: Emotional highs

Lighten up, Capricorn. This is your year to let loose and live a little. With the north node in your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, and self-disclosure, you'll be in search of the joy that comes from having good, old fun, says Bedell. And while emotions aren't your typical wheelhouse, this year could also push you to expand your emotional vocabulary. "Whether it's joy, sadness, excitement, pleasure, anguish—in any case, the feeling is meaningless unless you name and normalize it in real time," he says.

Aquarius: Self-acceptance

Things could get deep this year, Aquarius. With the north node activating your fourth house of home and family, you may contend with questions about where you actually feel at home—whether it's in a particular place or with certain people. But in order to figure out where you belong, you have to first accept all facets of yourself, says Bedell: "Once you acknowledge the whole self, your relationships can reflect more authenticity, and you can feel a greater sense of security in the present because you're not pretending, performing, or people-pleasing."

Pisces: Good luck

The glass is half full for you, Pisces, but it takes perceiving it as such—and speaking truth to optimism—for the year to go as well as it's cosmically destined to. While Jupiter in your sign creates opportunities left and right, it's essentially your responsibility to grab those opportunities for all that they're worth. And with the north node in your third house of communication, that might mean using your words more effectively to bolster your relationships, Bedell adds: "Straight talk leads to straight understanding."

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