Astrologically Speaking, 2023 Is Going To Be an Intense Time of Change—Here’s What’s in Store for Your Sign Next Year

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Survey the astrological landscape for 2023, and one thing is clear: The year's transits have the potential to spark major progress—but as all good things go, it probably won’t come easily. We can primarily thank Pluto, the planet of transformation, for the societal change of pace. It will shift into Aquarius on March 23, marking its first time in the sign since the 18th century. (!) This once-in-a-lifetime transit, coupled with a few other cosmic biggies, will define the astrological vibe for the year to come and shape our 2023 horoscopes, says astrologer Stephanie Campos.

To really get why the movement of Pluto into Aquarius in 2023 is such a big deal, it’s helpful to know a few things about Pluto. For starters, it’s slow-moving—taking about two decades to move through one sign—which is why the last time it was in Aquarius was between 1778 and 1798. As an outer planet, its movements influence our collective conscience, with its presence in a particular sign coloring a generation. For example, take its recent transit in Capricorn, which began in 2008 and ends next year: It was a time marked by the upheaval (Pluto theme) of traditional financial institutions, economic security, and capitalism (Capricorn themes).

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The changes wrought by Pluto’s shift into Aquarius in 2023 could be just as intense, says Campos. “Pluto is the planet of death, destruction, and rebirth, and Aquarius is a sign concerned with humanitarianism and the future, in terms of science and innovation,” she says. To get a sense of what that might mean, consider what happened when Pluto was last in Aquarius: “We saw the Industrial Revolution taking off, colonization was going on all over the world, and the Age of Enlightenment was picking up momentum,” says Campos. Who knows what large-scale societal shifts could take root this time around?

As we wrestle with this massive collective change, we could also find ourselves re-evaluating relationships throughout 2023. In July, the north and south lunar nodes (aka fated points in the sky where the moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s orbit around the sun) will shift into the opposite signs of Aries and Libra, respectively, which Campos calls a relationships axis.

“The focus is on balancing our life path between ourselves and others,” she says of this transit. Specifically, we'll be calling in the positive elements of Aries, like self-confidence and self-prioritization, and letting go of the shadow sides of Libra, like codependency and compensation. “We’ll be pushed to better assert our own needs and put ourselves first, while also figuring out how to work well with others,” she says.

“[In 2023], we’ll be refining, reconsidering, and reflecting upon all the connections in our lives.” —Stephanie Campos, astrologer

At the same time, a Venus retrograde mid-year in Leo is set to rejigger our relationships, as well. “This will have the effect of a Mercury retrograde but focused specifically on relationships,” says Campos. “So, we’ll be refining, reconsidering, and reflecting upon all the connections and partnerships in our lives.”

Rather than blame-throwing, those reflections are destined to involve some personal responsibility-taking. Disciplinarian Saturn will also move into free-flowing Pisces in 2023, a tough combination that Campos says will push us to take accountability for the areas in which we’ve let things take an unhealthy turn, and get back on track.

How these collective and personal shifts are star-sanctioned to affect individual 2023 horoscopes will depend on the astrological houses they fall in for each sign. Read on to learn Campos’s exclusive 2023 horoscope for your sign, so you can embrace the year in cosmic alignment.

Below, astrologer Stephanie Campos shares her 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign

Aries: Self-reflection

With the fated north node shifting into your sign, you're bound to find yourself taking a close look at your identity and character, Aries. "This is a very impactful transit that brings the focus to your sense of self," says Campos. The last time the north node was in Aries was 18 years ago, so this is also a time to reflect on how far you've come since then in terms of personal development—and consider where you might still need to go, she adds. "This is a critical year for checking in on that personal journey."

Taurus: Abundance

You'll be granted a surplus of cosmic support, Taurus. (And after all those eclipses in your sign over the past couple years, you more than deserve it.) If you've been working on yourself, that work could very well pay off, as Jupiter lends its lucky touch to your sign starting in the spring. "Jupiter is a planet of growth and it's a fertile planet, so this transit is all about manifesting your desires, attracting the right people to support you, and having extra confidence to go after what you want," says Campos. With transformative Pluto in Aquarius also residing in your 10th house of career, you can expect some of these positive changes to occur in that area specifically.

Gemini: Community

Networking could feel even more seamless than normal for you, Gemini. The north node in Aries highlights your 11th house of community and social circles, "making this a powerful year for finding yourself in the right place at the right time, having the right conversation," says Campos. Encounters with people in your life could result in positive turns of fate, given that, "in ancient astrology, the 11th house was also associated with good spirit and good fortune," she says. At the same time, she adds, you could also find yourself letting connections fizzle that no longer feel aligned.

Cancer: Reputation

Milestones are on the cosmic docket for you in 2023, Cancer, as the north node in Aries activates your 10th house of reputation and public life. Expect big life events in a way that's highly visible, says Campos: "These could definitely be related to your work, but they could also occur within your relationships, family, or personal ambitions."

On the inside, though, you might be wrestling with family or home-related baggage, as the south node will hit your fourth house of familial roots. "It may feel like, on the outside, everyone is looking at you and thinking, 'Your life is so perfect,' but internally and privately, you could be dealing with issues, like aging parents, conflict with siblings, or drama with a roommate," says Campos.

Leo: Relationships

Venus, the planet of love and values, goes retrograde in your sign this coming summer, pushing you to rebalance your partnerships by owning your needs and ensuring that you're being treated how you deserve to be, says Campos. "It's a time to be a little selfish in relationships—in a healthy way." Pluto in Aquarius will reside in your seventh house of partnerships, putting more cosmic oomph toward reimagining relationships, both romantic and platonic. "This could mean that you have to look at the shadow sides of your relationship habits and release what isn't serving you in order to create longer-lasting bonds," says Campos.

Virgo: Vulnerability

You could make a life-changing commitment to a partner or friend—if you're able to open up this year, Virgo. Taskmaster Saturn in Pisces will highlight your seventh house of partnerships, which is often a transit when people will get serious about their future with someone, says Campos. And the north node in Aries will also be moving through your eighth house of intimacy and the inner psyche, pointing to the kind of transformation necessary for you to take that next step. "Virgo is a sign that can get caught in their head and wonder if they should really share that personal thing," says Campos. "But in this case, leading with vulnerability will help you build stronger connections."

Libra: Balance

With the north node in Aries, the cosmic energy is directed toward your exact celestial opposite in 2023, Libra. That means you'll be pushed outside of your comfort zone toward the Aries qualities that may not come naturally to you. Instead of giving too much or self-sacrificing in the name of peacekeeping, focus on finding true balance between placating others and asserting your needs, says Campos. After all, a relationship won't ever be truly fulfilling if you're not personally getting anything out of it.

Scorpio: Collaboration

Directly opposite Taurus on the zodiac wheel, you stand to benefit from Jupiter's 2023 transit in Taurus, too. Jupiter will reside in your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, making this year an apt one for collaborations of all kinds, says Campos. That could certainly mean romantic partnerships are on the table, but Campos emphasizes that business or financial partnerships could prove fruitful, too. "With Jupiter in the seventh, you could find that people in positions of power and eminence really see your skills and talent and worth and are ready to lift you up," she says.

Sagittarius: Fun and joy

Think back to what used to bring you joy as a child, before you had any real cares in the world. Whatever comes to mind could be on your cosmic horizon, Sagittarius. The north node in Aries will reside in your fifth house of pleasure, joy, hobbies, fun, and creativity. "This is a great time to do inner-child work and to reprioritize and reconnect with play," says Campos. Similarly, the fifth house is a really fertile place for birthing new creative ideas or projects, she adds, making this year an ideal one to finally start writing that book, launch that Etsy store, or do whatever creative endeavor you've always dreamed of doing since you were a kid.

Capricorn: Home and family

Certain elements of your past could resurface in your present, Capricorn. The north node in Aries will hit your fourth house of familial roots, heritage, home, and belonging, meaning you could be destined to confront these elements of your life in some way, says Campos. "This is a powerful time for addressing, healing, and releasing old stories in order to move forward," she says. That often looks like identifying the psychological patterns that may have been passed down through the generations in your family, and coming to terms with the ones that you're here to break, she says. "Ask yourself: What am I holding onto that isn't mine to carry?"

Aquarius: Personal growth

Buckle up, Aquarius. Pluto—the planet of turmoil, chaos, and rebirth—shifting into your sign in 2023 could put intense psychological transformation and shadow work on your celestial forecast. "This could be a time where you really have to connect with your vulnerability, intimacy, and inner psyche, which may not be comfortable," says Campos. "But that also makes it a profound time to change some core element of your life by surrendering to that discomfort." Generally, Pluto wants you to choose the harder choice when more than one is afforded to you, she adds: "The option that scares you more is the thing that has the potential to kickstart your growth."

Pisces: Financial change

A windfall could be in your future, Pisces. As the north node shifts into Aries, it moves into your second house of personal resources, granting you the ability to up-level your financial situation. That could mean a raise or a promotion at work, or launching a side gig to great monetary success. Or, it might mean that your resources as a person—as in, your skills, talents, and anything else you use to make money—could get a boost, says Campos: "This may be a time where you're developing those resources in order to make them more profitable down the line."

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