Your 2024 Horoscope Is Here, and It’s Set To Transform Your Relationships (Including the One You Have With Yourself)

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Explore the astrology of 2024, and you can’t help but conclude that we’re in for some exhilarating shake-ups and thrilling new opportunities. Being open to change will serve you well, particularly as a result of Pluto, the planet of transformation, re-entering future-minded Aquarius this year (a sign it dipped into briefly in 2023 before retrograding), as well as a historic conjunction between Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and Uranus, the planet of revolution. Add in the fact that the lion’s share of the year’s eclipses—known to spark big change—fall in the signs that address our relationships, and we can surely expect some upheaval when it comes to our 2024 horoscopes.

That said, you may have a sense of what’s coming, thanks to this past year’s celestial sneak previews. Extremely slow-moving Pluto—which oversees not only transformation but also death, rebirth, power, and control—moved through humanitarian Aquarius from March 23 to June 11, 2023. That’s when we got a glimpse of what to expect once it spends even more time in Aquarius this year, from January 20 to September 1—that is, big-picture conversations about how we can transform humanity and technology (ahem, AI) and the destructive shadow side of these pursuits. In 2024, we can expect Pluto to have an even more disruptive effect on innovation, technology, and platonic bonds and group endeavors (all Aquarian themes).

Another story that kicked off in 2023 will also continue in 2024, influencing all of our horoscopes: Taskmaster Saturn—the planet of commitment, boundaries, and limitations—will keep chugging through dreamy Pisces, challenging us to be more accountable and lay sturdier foundations around Piscean themes like self-healing and mental health, and cultivating empathy for others.

Relationships will be a key area for exploration and growth in 2024, given that three of the four eclipses of the year will fall along the Aries-Libra axis.

Speaking of empathy, relationships will be a key area for exploration and growth in 2024, given that three of the four eclipses of the year will fall along the Aries-Libra axis, also called the “relationship axis” because it spans the spectrum between your sense of self (Aries) and your connections with others (Libra). For a sense of what to expect, look back to the first two events in this eclipse series—the solar eclipse in Aries in April and the one in Libra in October—which served as the opening chapters of a story that will last through March 2025. In general, we’re being asked to reflect on how individualism can coexist with reciprocity in our lives. Eclipses on this axis also fuel a push-pull between pursuing balance and peace (Libra) versus competition and war (Aries).

The one historic astrological event that we haven’t exactly seen the trailer for yet is the coupling of expansive Jupiter, which magnifies whatever it touches, and electrifying Uranus, the planet of sudden change, in Taurus. The last time these two giants joined forces was in 2011—but the last time they paired up in Taurus was in 1941. This dynamic combo could spur spiritual breakthroughs and gasp-worthy innovation, as well as out-of-the-blue financial wins and relationship changes, given that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and money. More broadly, this Jupiter-Uranus link-up will set an eye-opening new tone for the next 14 years that could affect how we express ourselves artistically and flaunt what makes us unique.

Not long after Jupiter conjuncts Uranus, it’ll shift from pragmatic Taurus into buzzy Gemini on May 25, kicking off a year during which it will move through the mutable air sign, cranking up the volume on social media and our desire to connect, converse, learn, and share information.

How you’ll experience each of these ongoing astrological narratives, however, will depend on which astrological house (aka sector of a birth chart) they occupy in your chart, given each house is associated with a particular realm of life. Below, you’ll find 2024 horoscopes for all zodiac signs; read on for both your sun sign and rising sign (which is what determines the order of the houses in your chart) to get your personal cosmic forecast.

2024 horoscopes for each zodiac sign

Aries: Sense of self

The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Prepare for a game-changing year, Aries. This year’s eclipses, falling in your seventh house of partnerships on March 24 and October 2 and in your first house of self on April 8, continue a story that began last year around how you see yourself, how you’re showing up for yourself, and how others are showing up for you.

Prioritizing self-reflection to adapt to changes within your relationships—including the important one you have with yourself—will promote satisfying personal growth. While you often prefer to hit the gas versus slow down, you may find that April’s Mercury retrograde in your sign is an ideal time for turning inward and reflecting on the reciprocity (or lack thereof) in your bonds.

Taurus: Breakthroughs

With fortunate, expansive Jupiter still making its way through your sign until May 25 (after entering it in May of last year), you’ll continue to enjoy success related to passion projects, the promotion of your personal brand, and the pursuit of spiritual growth, Taurus. And when Jupiter meets up with Uranus, the planet of change, in your sign on April 20, expect a major lightbulb moment that could catapult your greatest aspirations in a whole new direction.

In the back half of the year, after the lucky Jupiter moves into Gemini (which falls in your second house of income), you’ll have an appetite to earn more, particularly by way of work that aligns with your values. By getting clear on exactly what that work looks like, you can take pragmatic steps toward making it your reality—all while Jupiter lends a supportive hand.

Gemini: Expansion

With lucky Jupiter moving into your sign on May 25, where it’ll remain until June 2025, you’ll feel like you can finally spread your wings and welcome abundance in a way that you haven’t in the past 12 years, Gemini. (Yes, you’re one of the luckiest zodiac signs of 2024.) Think back to 2012 and 2013 for a sense of what to expect over the next year; chances are you were reveling in a surplus of enthusiasm, optimism, and faith that you could make any vision you set your sights on come to fruition.

At the same time, this year’s eclipses—which fall in your 11th house of social circles and fifth house of romance—will continue to bring change to the groups and friendships you’re prioritizing (around April 8) and how you’re expressing yourself creatively (on March 24 and October 2). But when a new series of lunar events begins on September 17 in your 10th house of career, prepare to embrace a new perspective related to stepping into the spotlight and earning professional recognition.

Cancer: Foundations

This year’s eclipses really remodel how you’re perceived by higher-ups as well as what your home life looks like, Cancer, given that they fall in your 10th house of career (April 8) and fourth house of familial roots (March 24 and October 2) while forming a tough square with your sign.

You could feel like both the eclipse seasons of spring and fall are incredibly activating and dramatic, as their purpose is to reinvent both your internal and external worlds. Expect foundational shifts, like moving with your family or earning a promotion and new responsibilities that reshape your career trajectory. And once Jupiter moves into your 12th house of spirituality on May 25, where it remains for a year, you’ll be investing even more in self-work and nurturing your sensitive heart.

Leo: Self-awareness

Mercury, the planet of communication, will spend more time than usual in your sign this year, Leo, thanks to a retrograde. In turn, from July 2 to 25 and August 12 to September 9, you'll be even more apt to reflect on and share your big-picture ideas, needs, and desires, and you have the opportunity to feel even more confident owning your voice. It’s important to remember this feeling come the end of the year, when action-oriented Mars will go retrograde in your sign, encouraging you to rest instead of pushing even more fervently toward your goals.

Note that Pluto in Aquarius from January 20 to September 1 will also bring its transformational vibes to your seventh house of partnerships. Your task during this time is to dive into your shadow side and how it might show up in your relationships; chances are, you’ll be working to tamp down any penchant for dramatics, as well as your desire for power and control.

Virgo: Emotional healing

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde this year in sectors of your chart that encourage inner work and self-reflection, Virgo. In the spring, from April 1 to 25, Mercury moves back through your eighth house of intimacy, nudging you to wear your heart on your sleeve more than usual—especially within your closest bonds. As it moves back through your first house of self and then 12th house of spirituality from August 5 to 28, you’ll be urged to retrace your steps to refine your passions and dreams, and from November 25 to December 15, its backspin in your fourth house of home life asks you to address emotional wounds.

All the while, thanks to taskmaster Saturn moving through your seventh house of partnerships, you’ll find that strengthening your relationship with yourself can also enhance the foundations of your bonds with others.

Libra: Identity

You’ll be exploring your individuality, what makes you unique, and how you want to present yourself to the world, Libra, as two of this year’s four eclipses activate your first house of self (on March 24 and April 2). In turn, you may find that you can stand even more strongly in your sense of self and become even more aware of what you need from your one-on-one relationships—whether romantic, platonic, or professional. (This relational theme could be particularly apparent around April 8, when the first solar eclipse of the year falls in your seventh house of partnerships.)

Thanks to the April 20 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your eighth house of emotional bonds, you may also have an epiphany about what you need to feel most comfortable within your closest, most intimate relationship.

Scorpio: Self care

You can breathe a sigh of relief, Scorpio. After two years of the eclipses falling intermittently in your sign (along the Taurus-Scorpio axis), they’ve finally moved on to the signs of Aries and Libra, which places them in your sixth house of well-being and 12th house of spirituality. This means you’ll see change in a whole new sector of your chart—one concerned with your day-to-day hustle and intuition.

Around March 24 and October 2, caring for yourself mentally and giving more credence to your dreams and psychological needs will be key. And around April 8, you’ll be motivated to step up or entirely overhaul your wellness routine.

And yet, one-on-one bonds can also still be fertile ground for your growth, thanks to lucky Jupiter pairing up with revolutionary Uranus in your seventh house of relationships on April 20. For you, this meetup kicks off an inspiring new chapter when it comes to connecting with others and pursuing shared aspirations.

Sagittarius: Connection

This year is all about centering pleasure, creativity, and connections for you, Sagittarius, thanks to several celestial movements affecting social sectors of your chart. For starters, the eclipse series that kicked off last year in your fifth house of romance and 11th house of networking is still in play, and around March 24 and October 2, shifts are inevitable when it comes to the groups and friendships into which you’re pouring your energy.

This may sound daunting, but it can ultimately lead to feeling more seen and heard, particularly around April 8, thanks to the solar eclipse in your fifth house, which oversees self-expression.

Beginning on May 25 and lasting until June 2025, your planetary ruler Jupiter, the planet of abundance, activates your seventh house of partnership, shining a major spotlight on your one-on-one relationships. Pairing up—whether romantically, platonically, or professionally—could fuel more joy and spiritual satisfaction, and a sense of good fortune.

Capricorn: Balance

With the eclipses activating your fourth house of home life (April 8) and 10th house of career (March 24 and October 2)—all while squaring off against your sign—you’ll continue to contend with shakeups related to juggling your inner and public lives, Capricorn. In particular, you’ll be navigating shifts tied to caring for loved ones and your physical home as well as the pursuit of professional recognition.

All the while, your ruler, Saturn, the planet of hard work and limits, continues to move through your third house of communication, asking you to set and maintain boundaries around anything that’s depleting your mental energy, whether that’s meetings with colleagues that could’ve been emails or friendships you’ve outgrown. And Jupiter in your sixth house of wellness for the back half of the year could inspire you to do more to care for your health on a day-to-day basis. In short, you’ll be finding your equilibrium in a variety of ways.

Aquarius: New horizons

You’ve been challenged to do some heavy lifting around your home life and career these past few years, thanks to the eclipses in those sectors of your chart, but in 2024, that’ll ease up, Aquarius. Instead, you can anticipate changes related to your social circle and how you’re learning, taking leaps of faith, and cultivating new philosophies, as the eclipses shift to your third house of communication and ninth house of higher learning.

At the same time, powerful Pluto in your sign could instigate major transformations to your identity, self-image, and self-presentation—changes that may have started last spring but that will really take off between January 20 and September 1.

Thanks to abundant Jupiter moving into your fifth house of romance and self-expression on May 25 (where it'll remain until June 2025), you can also anticipate a surge of fun, flirtation, creativity, and playfulness. If you’re single, this energy could make for your pick of thrilling dates, and if you’re attached, you could enjoy renewed sparks with your significant other.

Pisces: Intimacy

Seeking fulfillment and security on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level is a major focus for you this year, Pisces, as a result of two of the year’s four eclipses falling in your eighth house of emotional bonds, sex, and joint resources (on March 24 and October 2). Surface-level interactions simply won’t cut it, because now, you are compelled to nurture connections that are deep, meaningful, and transformative.

You’re simultaneously being urged by taskmaster Saturn—which continues to move through your sign—to prioritize self-work, particularly around confidence, so you’ll do well to center relationships that are truly worthy of your time and energy. And several of those are sure to take center stage after lucky Jupiter shifts into your fourth house of home life on May 25, amplifying not only your emotional contentment and harmony at home but also the support you receive from loved ones.

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